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Choosing Dog Beds

Choosing dog beds may seem like an easy task, after all the choices and sizes are many, so it would seem like you would not have trouble finding one.

Choosing the right bed for your dog is important and it must not be taken lightly. There are many considerations that you must take into account when deciding to purchase it, as a bed that may seem right for the dog now, may not meet your dog’s needs tomorrow.

Of course getting a good quality dog bed is evidence that you are a responsible and knowledgeable owner, because a dog bed is more than just canine luxury.

The reason why there are so many dog beds around is that different dogs have different needs. A big bed for a small dog may not provide the warmth or support that the dog may require. The same can be said of a big dog on a small bed.

We may have seen pictures of a Great Dane on a medium sized bed and though they seem cute. They are not what your dog needs. The appropriate bedding can also make a dog feel safe in his new environment; that is of huge importance especially on the first few days of the dog in the house.


The first thing you have to think about when choosing dog beds is the size of your dog. If your dog is a puppy, consider the dog breed and the size it will be. If it is a breed that will get much larger then you can compensate by using a blanket to make the puppy feel cozy, otherwise the puppy may just feel more comfortable sleeping in your bed.

Making the bed as comfortable for the dog can be the difference between a happy dog and one with separation anxiety. If you work long hours, the bedding should be one of your primary concerns.

Also take into consideration the weather in your area and the fur on the dog. Needless to say a Husky will need less insulation than a Chihuahua. If the weather is cold and your dog is not a cold weather breed you want to make his bedding somewhere it can get some warmth.

Blankets also work in this case if your dog does not seem to be getting as much warmth from its bed as it requires. For puppies, you want good insulation on their bedding because they need more of the feeling that their mother gave them not so long ago.

You are done with choosing dog beds and you settled for one, now to figure out the location of the dog’s bed. You will need to observe the location your dog prefers when it comes to sleeping. A lot of times they like corners which is a convenient location for its bed.

You should put the bed on that location. You can also leave treats on the bed as a way to encourage your best friend to sleep on it. The dog will associate the treats with the bed and there is nothing better than a good nap and treats.

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