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Choosing Suitable Dog Breeds

When it comes time to choose your family's new pet, you should have a very clear idea of what kind of dog you want. There are a number of factors that should go into making that decision.

* How old are your kids?
* How many people are in the house?
* How much time do you have?
* How much space do you have?
* How much energy do you have?

While it's not completely fair to generalize about all
dog breeds, there are some truths in all the breed
descriptions that can make it far easier for you to choose the perfect dog for your home.

Active Dogs

If you are young, like to run, or have kids who never seem to wear down, you may want an active dog. Nothing is worse than expecting your dog to be a runner only to have them lounge around doing nothing in your living room.

To get around this, look for active dogs that fit your lifestyle. Golden Retrievers and Labradors are considered fantastic family dogs for this very reason. They have great temperaments and a tremendous amount of energy to put out when they play.If you want a smaller dog, aim for one that can be well controlled and trained. Terriers are all good dogs for this reason, but some of them can be tough to train.

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Small Dogs

If you live in an apartment, you may want to get a smaller dog that can fit into your space without being too intrusive or uncomfortable. If that is the case, look for small dogs that match your lifestyle effectively.

Low energy dogs are few and far between for small dogs, so you'll want to look for a good temperament and a good companion. Many small dogs can be a bit grumpy and nippy - such as Chihuahuas and Dachshunds, so I wouldn't recommend them for children.

However, small to mid sized dogs alike can be a good fit. Cocker Spaniels, Beagles, and other mid-sized dogs are slightly easier to deal with if you're worried about their attitude and overall behaviour. Also, potty training for small dogs can also be achieved easily.

Working Dogs

If you want a smart, high energy dog that is highly loyal, there are plenty of what they call "working dogs" that have been trained to do hard, heavy labor. Sled dogs, herding dogs, and hunting dogs all fit into these broad categories and make great pets because of how loyal they are.

However, you will find that a working dog needs to be worked. If you cannot get out of the house more than once or twice a day to walk your dog, a Malamute is a bad idea. However, if you own property or have small jobs your dog would enjoy, these dogs would be fantastic for your family.

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Smart Dogs

There are plenty of arguments over how dog intelligence is measured, so actually pinpointing what counts as a "smart" dog is hard, but there are many ways to determine what fits and what doesn't.

At the top of the list of smart dogs are Poodles, Collies and Retrievers. Shibas and Akitas are also very smart, as are Shetland Sheep Dogs. The difference between each dog will vary, but generally smart dogs will be much harder to train due to their stubbornness.

Just remember that they are still dogs and respond on some level to the same basic stimuli most of the time. The kind of dog you choose doesn't have to be a reflection on your personality, but it should be a good match to your lifestyle and the resources you and your family have to take care of the new little guy.

If you don't have time for a big, time intensive dog that requires 3 hours a day of walking, look for a smaller animal. If you're going to be home a lot and want one that will keep you active, get a larger dog. But, most of all, consider how much time and attention your family has on hand to invest in your new dog.

Match everything up right and your new best bud will be a welcome member of the family for years to come. All new dogs/puppies need housebreaking dog training in order to set you and your new dog up for a long, happy relationship.

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Dog Aggression

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