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Purchasing a Bulldog

A Bulldog can allure you with its unique looks, and bubbly personality. They are also very independent, making them ideal dogs.

Most Bulldogs love to stay home, but are quick to welcome you home after a long day of work. If you are thinking about purchasing a Bulldog, there are several things you need to learn first.

Get to know the Bulldog Breed

A Bulldog can be described as; charming, self-contained, and lovable. A Bulldogs’ size and body shape also makes them unique; their physical attributes are undeniable.

They have a quiet personality and love to cuddle with their owner, but also enjoy short-duration play. They are perfect for people with a relaxed lifestyle. Their energy level varies, mainly due to their breathing restrictions.

Too much play or exercise can cause heat stroke in a Bulldog because of their breathing difficulties. One great characteristic of the Bulldog is Loyalty. Your Bulldog will not hesitate to protect anyone in the family. Once you have built a close bond with your Bulldog, you can be sure that he will never leave your side.

Choose a Reputable Breeder

Today, breeding has become more popular. You can find a Bulldog breeder just about anywhere. Be cautioned that not all breeders abide to the breeding laws and standards. A reputable breeder should have a valid breeding license.

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Besides having a license, the breeder also should be able to provide you with the proper paperwork showing that her Bulldogs are pure bred. Most importantly, assure that the breeder provides the dogs with quality health care and housing.

Ask the breeder for proof of vaccinations, deworming, and other routine health factors. Also have a look at the breeding facility and check for proper sanitation. Cleaning should be performed on a daily basis with the appropriate disinfectants. Read this article on How to Spot a Good Bulldog Breeder for more information.

Make sure you can Properly Care for a Bulldog

The Bulldog breed is genetically predisposed to various health issues. Meaning, that you will have to be prepared financially and time wise. Genetic predispositions concerning the Bulldog include; cherry eye, hip dysplasia, allergies, skin infection, patellar luxation, dry eye, and ear infection.

Before purchasing a Bulldog, know that you may have to deal with issues concerning the dogs’ health. It is not certain that your dog will develop these health ailments, but being prepared is the best way to overcome the situation.


A Bulldog can be purchased in person, as well as online. When making an online purchase, you should be extra careful to choose a reliable breeder. Many times, people will expect a healthy dog, and end up receiving a puppy malnourished and sick puppy.

If you insist on purchasing a Bulldog online, make sure to speak to the breeder first. You need to ask questions concerning the breeding facility, the pups’ parents, medical records, and the persons’ breeding license.

Take these extra steps to better ensure that you’ll be receiving a strong and healthy Bulldog. If you feel you have what it takes to be a good Bulldog owner, you can start looking for your new friend.

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