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Keeping Your Bulldog Free from Fleas

Fleas are external parasites that are found on the skin of the dog. These parasites are blood suckers that are also capable of transmitting diseases.

Some bulldogs react to a substance present in the flea’s saliva resulting in a hypersensitivity reaction.

It is therefore necessary to keep your bulldog free from fleas to prevent transmission of diseases and also to ensure that such allergic reactions do not happen.

Fleas can be controlled using commercially available products or you can make your own flea control products. Commercial products contain certain chemicals that act to kill and repel fleas. These chemicals (pesticides) work very effectively as flea control products. Besides fleas, these products may also have an effect against ticks and mites.

Keeping your dogs free from fleas requires that you check him every once in a while especially when he has been outside playing or to the dog park or show where he is likely to interact with many dogs. You can detect presence of fleas by seeing them physically or you can also look for flea dust in the dog’s coat which is seen as small black spots.

You can use apple cider vinegar mixed with water, this is then sprayed on the dog. Other natural oils that act as flea repellents are lavender and eucalyptus. You should also sprinkle these oils on the dog’s bed as well and/or kennel to ensure that the fleas in these areas are taken care of as well.

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Commercial preparations for flea control are available in many forms. There are tablets which can be chewed to prevent flea infestation, flea collars, dusting powders, sprays, shampoos and ointments. Since bulldogs are highly susceptible to the effects of some chemicals it is wise to consult with your vet before using any products on your dog. This will help minimize the risk of any complications.

You can also control fleas by ensuring that your bulldog does not play in areas with long grass, this is a good place for fleas to hide and multiply. Cut the lawn in your backyard till it is short. The dog’s blankets should be washed at least once weekly and the area dusted with some powders that will get rid of dog fleas.

Vacuuming of the carpet is also effective but, this does not kill the fleas. Once you finish vacuuming, you can add a pesticide to the vacuum bag in order to kill the fleas that will be present.

When bathing the dog, use shampoos that are formulated with a chemical that kills and/or repels fleas. Some products available for flea control such as Frontline which are applied on the skin require that the dog is not washed for at least a month. Read the packaged instructions carefully before you use the flea control product.

In case of any reaction to a flea control products, then stop usage immediately and consult with your vet so that appropriate measures are taken.

A bulldog that is flea free will also be free from the discomfort and irritation that fleas cause.

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