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Click And Treat Training For Dogs

Click and treat training for dogs is one of the most productive ways of dog training when done right. Although it sounds like what you would do with your dog in Halloween, it is actually very effective.

The theory of this type of training is that you associate the sound with the reward for an action that deserves the treat.

The dog hears the click and knows that you are happy with what they have done and therefore a reward is coming.

Eventually the treats can be removed, but at the beginning of the training they get your dog’s attention and that’s when dog training is the most successful.

What A Good Boy And What A Good Girl

The click and treat training for dogs method works as your voice; it's like telling your dog what a great dog it is. Because you are clicking it when the dog exhibits the type of behavior that you want from it, your furry friend will understand that you are happy with it. Since at the beginning of the training you are also using a treat, the dog will be happy to follow instruction.

The great thing about the clicker is that you can have it with you at all times because it is small enough to fit in your pocket. That is not necessarily the case with dog treats; so instead of going back home and getting a treat for your dog, you can just use the clicker and your dog will be proud to have heard it.

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Of course it is important to use the click immediately following the action so that the dog is not confused about the action is getting rewarded for, and it is also good not to over use the clicker even if your dog is the best puppy in the world.

How To Get The Dog To Associate The Clicker With A Treat

Where the clicker training gets started depends on how far in the training you are with your dog. If your dog already sits then give it the command. Once the dog sits use the clicker and give a treat. Of course you can also start the training if your dog has no training at all yet, but you have to get the association going.

To start, get close to the dog and press the clicker and then give the treat. The dog is now in the process of association. Do that a few more times and the association will be complete.

The Favorite Treat

Click and treat training for dogs will work best with your dog’s favorite treat. Some people will even use a hot dog and if your dog’s stomach is not too sensitive you can try it. Dogs that are more independent may be convinced to follow the training if you are offering them something extra to keep their attention.

Whatever you need to do to get the dog to associate the click with the reward will work. Then it is all about consistency and paying attention to your dog. Good action means click and reward.

Once you've got your dog in the habit of learning, you may wish to teach them some cool tricks like fetching the newspaper, or climbing ladders.

Clicker training can make that MUCH easier. For the best most comprehensive guide to clicker training go check out: Canis Clicker Training

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