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Responsible Dog Ownership

Dog ownership comes with enormous responsibility that requires you to have the basic essentials that are required for your pet to be comfortable.

Dogs are adorable creatures that deserve special attention and care. You should therefore be prepared to take all the necessary measures that a responsible pet owner should take to ensure secure and a safe livelihood for your best friend.

Dog care accessories are very important in ensuring you have a happy and lively pet. Dog ownership essentials differ from one dog owner to another. In general, the dog ownership essential may be classified in the following categories:

#1 Feeding Essentials

Every responsible dog owner should have good feeding accessories for their dogs. The feeding accessories may include bowls for feeding the dog, water bowls for your dog and so on. The bowls should be selected depending on the size of the dog. Small dogs will require small bowls in size for them to eat with a good posture. Dog food that is well balanced should also be available for the dog to be fed.

#2 Dog training essentials

Dog training equipment includes stuff like a leash, dog collars, clickers and etc… Dog collars come in a wide range of choices and can range from decorative dog collars to the electronic automated collars that are very instrumental in dog reinforcement training. The point to note here is that electronic collars raise the question of humane treatment towards animals.

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# 3 Dog grooming Essentials

Dog grooming is a very important procedure that is carried out by every dog owner. Grooming involves a number of activities that include bathing, hair trimming, teeth cleaning and nail clipping. These require you to have the essential tools for each of these procedures to be carried out in an effective way. The tools include nail clippers, pair of scissors, bathing shampoos and brushes.

# 4 Treats and Toys

Dog treats and toys are essentials during training and keeping your dog in the best behavior and busy when they are in the house. When selecting the dog treats, it is important you pay attention to what your dog likes.

#5 Housing Essentials

If you are buying your first pet, you must consider having a proper plan for their housing. You should consider buying a kennel for them to sleep. Housing for guard dogs is a very important requirement due to the harsh weather conditions outside. If the dog is not well housed they may come down with serious environmental induced ailments. 

#6 Bedding and clothing

You should provide your dog with a warm environment for them to sleep and rest. Beddings can be purchased from the dog shop or can be improvised from old blankets or duvet. The dog may also require clothing such as dog sweaters, dog booties.

These are the most important items that every dog owner must possess for them to have a healthy and happy pet that lives long.

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