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Ways to Get Rid of Dog Fleas at Home

Fleas are a menace to both dogs and their owners. Fleas transmit many diseases and also cause irritation to the dog. They are hard to remove since they can jump pretty big distances.

However, there are ways that are available for getting rid of these pesky little creatures from our pets as well as from the house.

Fleas have four stages in their life cycle: Egg, larvae, pupa and adult. The stages which are seen on the hair of dogs and cats are the adults. However, getting rid of fleas targets elimination of all stages in the flea life cycle. The pupae are the most resistant to destruction.

In the house, the key to getting rid of these creatures is maintaining hygiene. Ensure that you vacuum the carpet, floor and furniture playing close attention to corners and places that may have cracks or crevices.

The fleas love such places since they are warm and moist and will most of the time lay their eggs there. The cleaning will not kill the fleas. So, you can couple this with some insecticide in form of powder or spray. The insecticide is applied into the vacuum bag in order to kill the fleas.

Wash the dog's bedding at least once a week. After you wash, you may spray the beddings with a solution containing eucalyptus or you may make a solution with apple cider vinegar. The smell of these solutions is very unpleasant for the fleas and will help keep them away.

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If you have a cat, you may want to consider using solutions made with other oils as the ingredients mentioned above will produce smells that are not good for the cat causing it harm.

If you have a yard, ensure that the grass is kept short by regularly mowing it. This will ensure that the breeding ground for the fleas is destroyed. If the dog has been out in the park or in a place where it came into contact with other dogs, brush it with a flea comb for fleas when you get home. Dip the comb in water every time you brush the dog’s coat with it. This will ensure that you reduce or eliminate bringing in ticks to your home.

There are some commercially available preparations for flea control. These contain insecticides that will kill all stages of the fleas. While these insecticides are very effective, questions have been posed on the issue of residues of toxic chemicals on furniture are well as in the air (for sprays).

These residues have been found to have effects on people and animals exposed to them. If you are not sure about the insecticide you are using, you can stop using it and instead look for natural safe alternatives.

Some tree oils such as tea tree oil are good flea repellents; lavender has also been included in some natural preparations as a flea repellent. These ingredients will help keep the blood suckers away from your home and away from your dog.

In conclusion, keeping your house clean and hygiene is the best way of getting rid of dog fleas in the house. This will make a better environment for you and your pet to live in. 

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