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How To Travel With Your Dog

If you own a dog, then you know that traveling can be a bit more challenging for a dog owner. You have to make arrangements for keeping your dog somewhere safe, sometimes with a friend and sometimes you have to leave your dog at a boarding place like the vet’s office or a pet hotel.

Both options can be stressing for both pet and owner. Thankfully, travelling with your pet is becoming easier as of late. Some hotels will admit pets and airlines can accommodate a dog.

Of course the easiest option is a road trip, but there are places where a road trip is not an option. For those situations you will now find the information to make it easier to travel with your dog.

How To Travel With Your Dog And Stay In Hotels

Not every hotel will allow you to bring your dog. Hotels have strict pet policies that are there to keep other guests more comfortable. There are however some properties that understand that dog owners travel too and they want your business.

You can find such properties on different websites. You can also get in touch with the hotel to ask about the pet policies. Travel sites such as Priceline, Expedia and Travelocity will have pet policy information and will let you do an advance search to include your dog’s information. It is always recommended that you contact the hotel directly even if a website has identified the property as pet friendly, just in case their policy has changed.

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Travel By Air

Traveling by air is the most common way when going on a long trip. It is a bit difficult to deal with some airlines as they will have temperature requirements, and dog size requirements. Some airlines are now starting to allow some dogs to fly with you in the cabin. Most dogs will have to unfortunately fly in the luggage compartment.

Needless to say a dog can be really scared when traveling this way. You can consult your vet about medicines that will help your pooch relax. Some of them will have your dog fall asleep for the entirety of the trip. There is also something called Pet Airways, which you should check before you travel. They may be able to get the dog to your destination safer than other airlines.

How To Travel With Your Dog And Use International Travel

If you are traveling internationally with your dog then there are a few extra steps that you have to get done before you can take your dog to the destination. Most countries will require a current certificate of health which you can get from your vet.

The vaccinations also have to be up to date. Always check what the requirements are for the country of your destination. If they ask you for original documents do not take photocopies. You want to cover all your bases when you travel internationally with your dog. Your preparedness will be the difference between getting there with or without your dog. Information on international pet travel can be found at the country’s consulate page.

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Dog Aggression

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