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The Pros and Cons of Owning a Dog

Choosing to own a dog is no small decision. Before you purchase a dog, here are some great reasons why owning a dog is a good choice


• Dogs are loyal companions that will stick with their owners even in some very difficult circumstances.

This loyalty is what makes even the toughest people seek for canine companions. It never waivers and they are always there when you need them

• Security: Your dog serves as your extra pair of eyes and ears. He will let you know when someone is lurking at the door or trying to sneak in through your bathroom window. If someone tries to attack you in the street your dog will jump in to be your hero.

• Dogs will teach you how to be responsible. Taking care of a dog is a huge responsibility but when you get the hang, you will love it so much it becomes natural.

• Dogs have been known to help improve health. Dogs will have a therapeutic effect on some people and may help you get back to health sooner than you expected. Some dogs have been trained to work with autistic children with promising results.

• Dogs are a fun addition to the family. They may bring people closer to each other, help mend a broken heart and be the piece that holds the links together. Even though some relationships may not work people still fight over who keeps the dog since they are so used to the dog being part of the family, it almost seems unnatural when the dog is not there.

And here what you should know about these not-so- adorable animals

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• Cost: Owning a dog is a costly affair. You need to buy them food, pay for their health care and keep them happy.

• Some dogs are highly destructive, whether it’s chewing everything in sight from clothes to shoes, digging in your backyard or pulling up trees and flowers, some dogs seem to love leaving a trail of destruction wherever they go.

• Picking up after your dog: If your dog is not house trained or before you house train them, you have to go around picking up their poop. When you are not doing this you are probably trying to bleach the urine odour from your couch or carpet.

• Dogs need company. These animals do not like being alone, when they get lonely they can be pretty messy. Some need to be constantly petted and cuddled. You ignore them at your own expense.

• Dogs not only need exercise, it is a necessity. Without it they become cranky, get sick and will pile up a lot weight which is not good for them.

As a prospective owner, it is wise to carefully weigh out the pros and cons. Take some time to consider what works for you and what doesn’t. Cost aside most of the cons can be managed with proper training and some commitment on your side.

You will ultimately make the decisions on what to do. However, always keep in mind that owning a dog is more than simply buying a pet. You need to be responsible for it’s wellbeing and take care of the dog’s basic needs.

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