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Choosing a Puppy From a Litter

When you are making the choice of buying a puppy from a litter, you should be very observant to make the right decision.

Most breeders will ask you to select one of the puppies from the litter. You should take the following into consideration when you are selecting the puppy:

Size of the Puppy

The best puppy in a litter should be the biggest. When you compare all the puppies, the biggest pup should be the best in terms of eating and growth.

The pup should also have proportional body parts without any abnormal enlargement or any of the body extremities. Always go for the big pup but also pay attention to other factors that influence the selection.

Absence of Abnormalities

Most puppies are born with some form of congenital defects or slight abnormalities that may manifest later in their lives. You should be very observant to ensure that the puppy you select does not have any anomalies in their bodies or limbs.

There may be other internal congenital defects that may be manifested in other forms and not necessarily observable features. You should hold the puppy and closely look at every part of the body for any abnormalities.

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Activity and Vigor

The puppy that is selected should have high activity than other puppies. Most dormant puppies are possibly suffering from some birth defects. The puppy should pay attention to any intruder to the litter and they should be able to recognize you and quickly come towards you. The puppy should also be very energetic and playful.

Physical Characteristics

The puppy color should be uniform and the skin coat should be smooth and shinny in appearance. You should examine the eyes and ears for any abnormality or discharges. You should also carry out examination of the reproductive organs to avoid selecting a cryptochid puppy in males especially if your puppy is meant for breeding purposes. 

Breed Characteristics

If you are concerned about in getting a certain dog breed, you should ensure that the puppy confers to all the breed characteristics such as color, body conformation and appearance. You should be conversant with all the breed specifications of the type of dog you are looking for.

Eating and Body Condition

A good puppy should stand out of the litter by having a good appetite that is not only manifested in eating but also in their good body condition. The puppy should be in good body condition but not obese.

Sociability and Trainability of the Puppy

If you are buying a puppy to be a pet, the puppy should have good social skills and should be able to play with you at this early age. You should try and interact with the puppy of your choice to assess their abilities and intelligence compared to other puppies in the litter.

Finally, when you are selecting the puppy, age may be an important consideration but not always. If you pay attention to the tips discussed above, you will certainly make the choice of the best pup.

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