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Kids And Dogs Safety Tip Sheet

Even the friendliest dog can get nervous and upset at unaccustomed noises or activities. Children are often the very source of those noises and movements. If two frictional elements meet, we may have a problem.

Dogs will act instinctively without a plan. Children will do the same. The danger in that is that most dogs are as big as or sometimes bigger than the children. That can present a major disaster.

Dogs will bite children easily because they do not respect them in any kind of leadership role. Children naturally assume that dogs will want to play with them.

Therefore, socialization of your dog is extremely important. Below you will find a short Kids and Dogs Safety Tip Sheet.

What To Teach Your Dog

Dogs have to learn that they are not permitted to act unless given the nod. The leader, the dog owner is the one to decide when the dog should move. If the dog is trained well, then he will listen. If not, he is a ticking time bomb. As owner, it is your responsibility to socialize your dog early. Going for walks will let him meet many new people. This is the perfect opportunity for your dog to see people as friends, not as potential enemies.

What To Teach Your Children

Teach your children to respect dogs. They are not toys, but living, breathing animals.

When you see your children drag the puppy around by its ear, teach junior that he should not hurt the puppy and show him the proper way to handle a small dog. Teach your children never to hit a dog. That just reinforces aggression and does not have any positive effects. Also make sure your children never touch a strange dog without asking the owner’s permission first, and when they do introduce themselves, they children should do it with a closed fist, not open fingers.


What To Teach Your Dog

It is a must that you teach your dog not to be scared of other people, in other words, to socialize your dog early on. Your dog should also not be bothered when a child, or anyone for that matter, places their hand in the food bowl while they are eating.

At the food bowl is where many biting accidents happen. Also, if the dog is old, it may be a good idea if he sleeps somewhere away from the mainstream of the family. This way he can sleep without being bothered. However, if the opportunity arises where the dog can be corrected for bad behavior, take it.

The following is a Kids And Dogs Safety Tip Sheet:

Teach the children:

• Always ask permission to touch someone else’s dog

• When first meeting a dog, hold out a closed fist, not open hand

• Don’t put your fingers near the dog’s mouth

• Teach dog not to charge at moving things

• Teach your kids never to touch a strange dog

• Tell your children not to stare a dog in the eyes

• Teach your children not to touch a dog when he is sleeping or eating

• Never hit a dog

Teach the dog owner:

• Socialize your dog 

• Keep him fenced in 

• Don’t tie him up in the backyard 

• Get the dog used to being touched 

• Teach him to listen to your commands

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