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How to Stop Dog Abuse and Abandonment

As a dog lover it is difficult to understand how someone can abuse or abandon a dog. They are loyal friends and it is difficult to imagine how someone can hurt a dog in any way.

A dog is a loyal and loving friend who depends on us to take care of it and provide for its needs. They are more than just pets, they have become family members.

So abuse and abandonment have to be stopped, but the first step to stop dog abuse and abandonment is to understand why it happens. Once you have that understanding then you can proceed to follow steps to help stop these kinds of treatments.


A big reason that dog abuse is prevalent is that there is an over population of dogs in a lot of areas. There are already organizations that are helping to reduce population by spaying and neutering dogs. These organizations help a great deal because they work with homeless dogs and people of lower incomes to help keep the population down.

They will also most of the time attempt to get a dog a home for a small nominal fee and sometimes evaen for free. Organizations like these must be supported if one hopes to stop dog abuse and abandonment. There are many ways to support these organizations, the main one of course is with donations, but you can also donate your time. They will tell you how you can best help them when you contact them.

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As much as it saddens us to say, one of the biggest reasons for dog abuse is apathy. People who know a dog is being abused and do not report it because they don’t know where to go or because they choose to ignore it. Many of the people who end up abandoning dogs are the ones that did not know what they were getting into when they first adopted the dog.

A puppy may have seen cute at the time, but as cute as they are they are also a lot of work. Some owners choose the easy way out and abandon the dog. These situations should be reported because in most states abandonment or abuse of a dog or any animal is against the law. Apathy should never be an option.

Do Not Buy, Adopt

Many people will go to a pet shop to get their new dog, but what they don’t know is that a lot of these dogs come from puppy mills. Puppy mills are one of the worst abusers of dogs that you can ever see. Some do not feed the dogs well enough or even let them out of cages ever. The best way to stop these practices is to reduce the demand.

Adopting a dog not only gets you a best friend and saves a life; it also helps reduce the demand for puppy mills. You may actually be saving more than just the one life of the dog you adopted. You could also save some of the dogs now being exploited and abused in puppy mills.

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