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Dogs And Cats Living Together, It’s So Bad

When someone says the phrase “like dogs and cats living together” they usually mean that they are having issues with their living arrangements.

Your pets can have a great life living together; yes that’s right your cat and your dog can be the best of friends in fact they can be the play partner that other needs and that can all happen in the best of harmony.

There are some ways to start the relationship that will ensure that they can get along and here are some dog training tips for you to follow to ensure that happens.

The Cat Is A Good Thing

You should start by associating the cat to a good feeling for your dog. For example when your dog is calm around the cat praise him. Do not rush anything either, if you ever heard the song “you can’t hurry love” this is the perfect time to understand that.

If you try to hurry the love you are bound to get scratched with some not-so-friendly cat claws and to get frustrated by your dog’s persistence at getting the kitty. Instead when the cat comes into the room, make it sound like a good thing to your dog.

You can perhaps even give him a treat for being nice and calm. The most important thing is that the dog feels great about having the cat around. As for your cat, once it feels like the dog does not represent a threat it will start getting closer.

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If Your Cat Is Not Getting Close

If your cat is not getting close after a few days then it is time to get it close. Do not bring the cat into the room where the dog is if your cat does not want to come in. Instead get your car to a room where it can be relaxed without the dog in it. Then pet your cat and let it relax for a few minutes.

When you feel your cat is relaxed enough have someone else in the family bring the dog into the room. If the dog has had a long walk then, that will help too because a tired dog is less likely to get excited.

Then slowly bring the dog into the room, if the cat starts getting nervous tell the person that is bringing the dog to slow down. Do this until they are close to each other and that will be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. The key here is patience.

Puppy and Kitten

Dogs and cats living together can be a beautiful relationship from the beginning if they are introduced to each other as a puppy and a kitten. They both just lost their litter mates and the other can become the new playmate. They both need that stimulation and that can create a bond between them. Granted kitties can be a bit wilder than puppies so you may want to always keep an eye on them as they play at a young age. You are giving them a chance to prove the saying wrong.

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