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Homemade Dog Food Tips

A dog's diet is actually quite a bit more diverse than you'd expect. In the wild, a dog would eat not just meat, but a combination of roots, berries, grasses, and even bugs to supplement their diet. Part of those foods might come because of poor pickings from game.

But, much of the supplement is because a dog is only 75% carnivore. Despite what we may think we know about dogs and their eating habits, they are actually quite omnivorous and a diet that doesn't take that into account is one that will underfeed them and lead to malnutrition.

Unfortunately, the fillers in most commercial dog foods are not the extra supplements that they need. Corn, soy, wheat, and meat scraps are not considered healthy but they make up a large chunk of most dog foods. Instead, you should want fresh, whole meats, vegetables and starches.

Making Your Own Dog Food

Making dog food is a simple enough task. Dogs eat very similarly to us in that they don't need any fancy, strange exotic meats or proteins to stay healthy. They just need a good balance of protein, starch, and carbohydrates. Excesses with any of those three things will make them unwell.

That's why you should avoid heavy meat diets with too much protein - they can cause a variety of health problems that you want to avoid. Also, avoid most human flavorings like garlic, onions, and other gassy foods as they can cause digestive issues. Here are some great dog food nutrition tips for what to put in your dog's food:

* Balancing the Diet - A good dog food diet consists of 40% meat, 30% vegetables and 30% starches. Most dry foods will over compensate with too many empty carbs and too much meat. Your goal is to balance them all out evenly.

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* Good Meat - The meat in most dry and wet dog foods is often very low quality and thus unhealthy for a dog. You don't need to get filet mignon for your pup, but get him decent, Grade A quality meats from your grocer.

* The Right Ingredients - There are many ingredients to choose from in your dog food. Rice is always a good base due to its high density carbs that get well absorbed by a dog. For vegetables, carrots are a very popular option because of their texture.

Other foods your dog will likely include ground beef, turkey, pasta, rice, lamb, and any non gassy vegetables. Avoid things like broccoli or celery due to their texture and makeup. However, most vegetables are okay if your dog will eat them.

Dog food is a tricky business because most people assume dogs are just carnivores. But, realistically, a dog will eat a little bit of everything and their bodies need to get as much of those things as possible.

If you want a good idea of what your dog might eat naturally, check out the natural or freshly made dog foods sold at an organic pet store. Those foods are often formulated for optimal canine diet. For a well balanced dog health, you would also need to look into exercising your dog on top of good dieting.

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