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Puppies For Sale

Every home deserves a good pet and in particular a dog. However, only a few people are able to keep a dog in their houses since they are either too costly or their busy schedules do not allow them to do so.

If you are considering purchasing a puppy, you could approach a local breeder to that will have some puppies for sale. The daunting task that comes up is making the right choice when you are presented with several puppies that are available for sale.

There are a number of things that you may want to find out from the breeder before you buy the puppy. The best approach is to start by asking about the genetic history of the puppies that are presented.

The puppies that are presented to you should have the qualities that make them desirable pets. You should look at the puppies’ activity and their vigor. Puppies should not appear bored but very playful. If the puppies are dull and sleepy it could be an indication of an underlying disease or disorder. The other concern is the age of the puppies. The breeder should disclose their age for you to assess their growth rate using their weight.

The puppies should also be disease free and this would be clearly indicated by their clear vaccination record. It should also be vaccinated against the following diseases:

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• Canine Distemper

• Rabies

• Parvovirus enteritis

• Canine hepatitis and any other vaccination that may be required by the law.

A good vaccination record is the a good indicator of good health of your future pet. The puppies should also be de-wormed and regularly washed with medicated shampoos to keep skin parasites at bay. You should keenly examine the puppy for any congenital abnormalities or development conditions that may be manifested at birth.

Before you buy any puppy from the breeders, they should have all the necessary registration papers that are required by the law. These papers will contain information of their breed, gender as well as the lineage of their parents. This will ensure that you do not get scammed by unscrupulous dog breeders because breeding organizations carefully vet the puppies presented to them for registration. This is to ascertain that they meet all the breed requirements before they are registered.

Once you have the pups qualified and certified by the breeding organization, you should also consider asking the breeder to let you see the brood environment. This is the best indicator of how the puppies were kept by the owner.

You should examine the sleeping area, water and food containers to see the kind of food that they puppies have been feeding on. This will ensure you make the right decision on whether the pups will be easy to adopt and will assimilate into the new environment of your home with ease. For more information, check out our articles on the costs of owning a dog and choosing suitable dog breeds.

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