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Dog Characteristics

There are several dog breeds that differ in a wide arrange of ways, ranging from the body conformation, colors to their temperament.

It is important that a pet owner understands each breed and their characteristics before they decide on the best dog breed that suits their family as a pet.

The broad characterization of dog breed is dependent on the size of the dog. The dog breeds can be broadly categorize either as large breed of dogs or small breeds of dogs that are alternatively called miniature breeds.

If you are looking for information on the temperaments of different dogs, view the individual specialized sections for different breeds by checking out the "dog breeds" tab on the left menu.

Dog breed characterization is carried out using the following guidelines
#1) Size of the Dog 

To characterize a dog breed you need to have the measurement of the height and or weight of your dog. These measurements should be compared to the measurements of other breeds. There are standards that have been set up by each breeding society of each dog breed and they only serve as the best guideline on the breed specifications.

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#2 Physical Morphology of the Dog

Nothing else helps you identify a breed well as the physical morphology of the dog does. Some breed has a general characteristic that identify them since it makes them stand out from the other breed clearly. This can be any part of the body that is uniquely shaped, the skin color or the way the dog general body appears. A good example is the characteristic webbed foot that is more likely to be associated with Labrador retriever.

# 3 Body Extremities Appearance 

The physical characteristic of each individual dog breed differs from one dog to another. One of the most specific areas that breed differences can be pointed out is in the various body extremities like the ears, muzzle and the limbs. A dog may have ears that are not erect or long droopy ears that may be a characteristic that stands out in a certain breed of dogs.

#4 The skin and the coat of the dog

Dogs are generally classified as long haired breed or short haired breed of dogs. They may be further classified depending on the appearance of their skin fur and whether the the dog shed or not shed its hair. People who are allergic to hairs prefer dogs that do not shed their hair.

#5 Breed Color

The color of the dog may be also a reliable characteristic though not in all breed of dogs. When the various pure breed dogs are crossed, the original color associated with the breed may be diluted or lost more and more as the dog is bred further.

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