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Does Your Dog Get Overly Excited When Guests Arrive?

It's not necessarily the worst thing in the world - a dog that gets excited to see people when they enter her home.

However, most people think like this and let the behaviour persist, even allowing guests to drive the behaviour by offering attention in these situations.

But, a dog that is jumping on your guests or licking their arms is showing a number of behaviours that you don't want to see out your dog under any circumstances.

It can also lead to scared guests or the knocking over of children or older people - both things you'll need to avoid whenever possible.

Why They're Excited

First, know that the excitement you see out of your pet is not always excitement. In some cases, a dog bouncing around is actually trying to tell newcomers that she is in charge. A dog that jumps on your guests is doing just that, showing that she is the leader and making sure they know it.

In other cases, they may be attempting to get attention, knowing that they will get it by bouncing around in front of your guests. It works on you after all, right?

How to Stop the Behaviour

With those things in mind, it really shouldn't be that hard to stop the dog from jumping on your guests and getting so excited. Here are some tips to cut it out as quickly as possible.

* Be the Alpha Pack Leader all the Time - Start by taking control of your household. Your dog will not try to assert dominance if you are already the clear pack leader in the household. To do this, be persistent and ensure you never give in to your dog.

Make the dog earn everything you give him, do not give in when you give a command, and pay close attention to how they interact with other people or animals in the house to maintain this level of control.

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* Ignore Your Dog When You Come Home - If your dog is anxious or excited, you should simply remove the expectation of attention when someone enters the door. This can be easily done by ignoring him when you come home each day.

If your dog doesn't assume that you will pet him or walk him immediately when you return home, he will stop assuming the same from guests.

* Correct Behaviours - If your dog likes jumping on your guests or licking their arms, correct the behaviour. Don't yet or hit the dog ever - this can cause aggression and confusion.

However, reset your dog by making them sit and not permitting any attention until he reaches a calm, submissive state.

* Make the Dog Sit with Guests - Before anyone enters your house, make sure the dog is sitting and waiting at a safe distance. It is good to have a line over which your dog is not permitted to cross.

Own your door and if the dog tries to move forward, don't open it. This works very well if done in conjunction with your walking routine.

* Talk to Your Guests - Make sure your guests understand that they should not give the dog immediate attention. Ask them to not make eye contact or interact with the dog right away. Sometimes, you'll need to be as strict with other people in your house as with the dog.

Consistent, pack leader behaviours on your part will all go a long toward reducing pretty much every bad behaviour your dog has, especially the excitement and jumping she exhibits when new people come to your home.

Take control, show your dog the proper way to behave and be consistent with the dog and your guests and this behaviour should dissipate quickly.

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