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Successful Golden Retriever Puppy Training

Golden Retrievers are one of the best family dogs because of their loving personality. They are great with children and very intelligent when it comes to learning positive behaviors.

These dogs need successful Golden Retriever puppy training to become the ideal pets with the teaching beginning before they leave their mothers or soon after receiving your pup.

Different Ways of Training Your Puppy: Each Dog Is An Individual

Before bringing home your new Golden Retriever it is important to know how you will train your pup. There are several methods and in some cases combination of methods that work well with the Retriever. Because the Labs are loyal and very much want to please you, it is best if positive reinforcement training is used.

Positive reinforcement means that the dog will get rewarded on any good behavior, and will be ignored or isolated for bad behavior. Crate training is a good system for having your dog in the house and house breaking, while using a clicker is great for learning basic commands. Whatever your choice in training it is important to be familiar with it before starting.

The Early Stages of Puppyhood Are Important

Successful Golden Retriever puppy training requires knowing the different stages of development of your pup. Until the pups are four weeks old they are with their mother and only sleep and eat. By the time they reach their first month they will be able to see, hear, and smell along with starting to move around.

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At five weeks, the puppies have their teeth are developed and they start wrestling with the bedding. This is the time that you will have an idea what their disposition will be and can start to have a routine in their life. The Golden Retriever will need early training  around eight weeks, in being social, not nipping at things or people, and general manners with other pets.

Training Once the Puppy is Weaned

Although it is believed that housebreaking is the major lesson in puppy training, there are other things that need to be taught that are just as important such as eating habits. The Golden Retriever will learn quickly how to eat when there is a set schedule for meals.

Each meal should be served without the puppy fighting to get to the dish and gobbling up the food quickly. This can easily be done by holding your pup back until the food is set down completely then allowing him to eat. When you add more time before releasing the dog, it will be no time before the golden is waiting patiently to be served.

Since these dogs are so intelligent they learn quickly so successful Golden Retriever puppy training should include such basics as where they are to sleep, where their food is, and where they are to go to relieve themselves. These may seem like little things but your retriever will thrive on routine, so scheduling even the simplest things will be important to the learning process and will give you a very obedient dog.

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