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Feeding Your Golden Retriever

The Golden retriever is the fourth most popular breed of dogs in the country according to the American Kennel Club and with good reason.

They are not only great companions and have a loving nature, but they are also great for people with dander allergies; yes, even with its medium-long hair people with dander allergies benefit from a Golden Retriever because its skin does not produce skin dander.

They are also the perfect companion for hunters as they were bred to retrieve the prey. They are smart and pleasing which makes them excellent service dogs.

So with all they do for us shouldn’t we at least make sure they have a good meal? Here are some tips for feeding your golden retriever.


A golden retriever puppy has special needs and nutrients are paramount to its development. When adopting or buying a golden retriever you should ask what type of food the puppy has been eating. Their stomachs are very sensible and can get upset about a sudden change in food.

If you wish to change its food you should do so slowly by mixing the food the puppy has been eating and the one that you want to feed it. First use the about a quarter of the meal, then half and slowly work it up to a full meal.

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Also keep in mind that when the puppy gets to your home, food may not be in its head. It is not that your golden retriever puppy does not like food; it is just that more than likely it is very stressed with the new change. The location is unknown, and so is his new family.

Its mother and siblings are no longer there and everything smells different. You may be tempted to feed it something else, but resist the urge. If your pup is still not eating after a day then consult the breeder or a veterinarian about it.

Growing Pup

As your pup grows so will its appetite. This is not the moment to watch the amount of food it eats because golden retrievers grow very quickly. That is not to say you should feed them all the time, in fact you should get your growing pup to regular feeding times.

But use the recommended feeding amounts that you get from your vet. When the pup stops eating at those times remove the plate. That means your pup just had enough. If you leave the plate at a reachable place you run the risk of it becoming obese.

Grown Goldie

Feeding your golden retriever as an adult also requires attention. The Golden retriever is an athletic dog, so you have to give it all the nutrients it needs for the activity it will do. You want an athletic healthy dog that will be ready to be at its best at any time.

You want to avoid the things that are difficult for dogs to digest like soy and corn, and if you want the best meals for your golden, then avoid the by-products. They are the bones and fats of animals, not exactly what you would like to feed your best friend.

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