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Tips for Socializing Golden Retriever Puppies

People want dogs for different reasons. Whatever the reason is, everyone wants a puppy that is sound and can be trusted around people.

The behavior of a puppy in new surroundings and around new people is largely dependent on how well socialized the dog is. A well socialized puppy is one that is very adaptable to change and has good temperament.

Socializing golden retriever puppies should start at an early age. The starting age will depend on how fast the owner is willing to start training the puppies.

Socialization involves various stages and should start in the first week. The first stage is when the puppy is young, during those first few weeks of life. Socializing at that stage involves simple acts as holding the pup for some time, stroking it on the back then returning it back to the mother.

As the puppy is weaned and starts eating solid food, you can try to feed the pup using your hand. At first, the puppy may be timid and will hesitate before approaching. Gently encourage the puppy by placing your open arm in front of his nose.

This allows him to get the scent of the food letting him eat the food from your palm. After some time, move some distance away from the pup and open your palm then call the pup to you. Hand feeding is a way to make the puppy used to tactile communication.

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As the puppy develops and becomes more curious and aware of his environment, socializing should involve activities such as exploring new surroundings. You may decide to remove the pup from the whelping box and let him out in the yard. This will help the puppy be accustomed to the world beyond the whelping box.

Confident pups quickly take to the new surrounding; however puppies that act frightened and cry should be put back with the rest of the litter mates and the process repeated later when they are calm. Ability to quickly adapt to a new environment is a good sign. Such pups will not have problems when they move to a new home.

It is important to keep in mind that socializing golden retriever puppies is a continuous process that starts when they are born and continues till they are older. Leash training is also important; you can start by attaching a collar on the pup then later hooking the lead to the collar. Do not tag on the leash if the pup reacts violently. Let the pup run around with the leash.

A good breeder knows the importance of having well socialized dogs. Such dogs do not present problems to their new owners and are able to fit in well regardless of where they go. As a responsible dog owner you want a dog that will get along with people as well as other animals. Aggressive dogs or those that avoid human contact can cause a lot of harm. For this reason, it is vital that socializing golden retriever puppies is taken seriously.

No matter how busy you are, take some time off and spend it with the puppies. Hold them, pat them, stroke them on the back, these actions make the puppies receptive to touch. Remove the puppies from the box or basket and let them run around and explore their surroundings.

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