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Feeding Your Golden Retriever

If you want a dog that will be loving, smart, loyal and can be as snuggly as a big teddy bear then you should not look any further than the forever popular golden retriever.

The golden retriever, a loving, large family dog that will keep you as happy as it can. The retriever is always ready to please and always ready to show you all its love.

It is the perfect companion for families and loves to spend time with everybody. All it will ever ask in return is that you respond with the same love it will show you.

Golden Retrievers And Kids

The golden retriever, a loving large family dog that is also great for kids. As puppies they may be better with older kids, but if you are planning to adopt an older Golden retriever they are some of the best friends a kid can have.

The reason the golden retriever pups are not always best with small children is that they have more energy than a certain battery operated bunny that keeps going and going. They are excitable, and love being close to the family. Their intention is not to hurt anyone, but rather to be close to them.

Golden Retrievers In The Family

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The Golden retriever sees itself as a part of the family and it is no less than that. The retriever will always be your most loyal friend and that bond will grow even more if it can be included in family activities.

This pooch loves to be with you if your family goes hiking, or to the park and even a road trip. They can also be a pleasure to bring along because they are so easily trained that they can be shown to respect others around it. A well trained golden will follow your command even when it sees something it wants.

Golden Retrievers And Disabled Family Members

The fact that the golden retriever is so easily trained and is always willing to please makes them the perfect companion for the disabled. The golden has been trained as service dogs for a long time and because they want to please and help their family they will make the lives of disabled family members a lot better. They are one of the most popular dog breeds for people with disabilities because of those reasons, so you should not hesitate to go with a golden retriever for all of the family.

A Whole Lot Of Love

The Golden retriever is the dog that will be in your customized family’s holiday cards. They are also the greatest sight in the house in a cold winter day when they are sitting right next to you. People love them, and it shows in their popularity among dog owners in the country.

Few dogs are more capable of becoming and integrating to a family as the golden retriever. The one thing you will have to remember when you get a golden retriever is to make sure you have room in your memory card for all the pictures you will take.

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