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Crate Training Your Puppy

Learning how to crate train a dog is essential. Puppies are likely to soil on everywhere they want but not on their resting quarters.

Besides, even puppies don’t like to stay in a wet and muddy place to rest. So if you want to control the hygiene of your puppies, you will find create training effective.

It is easy to train your dog to stay in a crate. However, there are some things that you need to consider for the training. Firstly, you need to find the right crate.

Crates come in different sizes and shapes. But since puppies are still small, you will need to have little crates. Most breeders prefer to use creates made from fiberglass and wire. If you use one of these crates, your puppy will be comfortable with the place.

Another important factor to consider for crate training your puppy is the location. Make sure that you put the crate in a place where other family members can see the puppy. This will lessen the anxiety of your puppy, making it easy to adapt with the environment. You can either place the crate in the kitchen, family room, or to any places, as long he is seen by other people. 

For the first few days, your puppy will surely cry inside the crate. Therefore, offer a treat to make him feel calm. When crying or barking is getting louder, you should intervene by saying “no” to your dog. However, your puppy might be able to understand the reprimand for quite some time so you have to keep on telling him about the warning.

Once your puppy has gone quiet, you can now give him a treat. It is important to have treats for crate training your puppy. This will not only quiet your puppy but will also help him understand that he has done something, which makes him eligible for a treat.

You need to be aware that your puppy might eliminate after 30 or 45 minutes, prior to the date of eating. Therefore, never wait for your puppy to defecate. Rather, leave them outside the house or walk them along the premises of your house.

By doing this, your dog will know that he has a schedule for eating and pooping. If your puppy understands this very well, you will not have a hard time picking up the mess that he made even while inside the house.

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