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Golden Retriever Puppy Training

If you have settled for a golden retriever puppy as the new member of your family, you have made a very good and satisfying decision.

Golden retriever puppy training may be some of the easiest training you can do. These puppies are smart, pleasing, loving and they were bred to learn.

Originally bred to be trained to retrieve a fallen bird, the retriever can learn so much more, and it should happen in a quick manner if the dog has the right incentives. After a week you may be able to brag to your friends about what a great dog trainer you are.

Start Early

Sure, the golden retriever can be excitable as a puppy; they are little bundles of energy. They are a breed that can also learn very early so you should start your golden retriever puppy training at a young age.

Once these pups learn what you want from them, they will remember it and will do their best to please you. They want your approval and they see obeying commands as one of the ways to get it. In that respect, having a golden retriever is so convenient. They want your love and they will work to get it.

Reward Its Efforts

Because of the efforts by your pup to get your love it is only fair that you reward it when training. While most dogs will appreciate some sort of biscuit or anything they can eat, the retriever will be more than happy with giving him approval and affection.

housebreaking a puppy

Of course a cracker is a way to show approval, but some of these golden retriever pups will actually respond better to a happy pat on the back or the head and you telling it in an excited voice how much of a good pup they are. Just like they are easy to train, they are also easy to please.


Disciplining your pup should be done, but it should be done right. You want your dog to follow your instructions because it loves and trusts you, not because it fears you. Never, ever strike your dog as a physical punishment as this is not only cruel and unethical, it could actually backfire and get you dog that develops disorders in the future.

You also do not want to use its name when you discipline your dog. That may be a bit more difficult than you think, but you must do it, so that your friend associates his name with a positive feeling. That will help when teaching him other commands.

If you were to use your puppy’s name in a negative way such as disciplining it, then the command come may be a bit more difficult to learn. Why would a puppy come when called by its name if it associates the sound with something bad? Also make sure that when you discipline, you do so right away.

Dogs do not think like humans and if you wait, your dog will not know why he is being disciplined. In all make sure that your puppy training is an enjoyable activity and you will develop a bond that will last a life time.

golden retriever training

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