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Keep Your Dog Out of Restricted Areas in Your Home

Most problems that dog owners face are usually the result of the dog having too much freedom and in turn misusing it.

By keeping your dog out of some areas, you ensure that no harm is done to your things and this also keeps your dog for getting in trouble.

There are various ways you can employ to keep you dog out of restricted areas in your home. The simplest way is to establish boundaries, which the dog has to stay within.

Indoor containment of dogs to keep them within their boundaries is becoming increasingly common. Containment can be in form of  crate where the dog is placed in the crate during certain times and only let out during feeding time, play time or when he has to go out to eliminate on a schedule.

You can also safely contain your dog indoors using other devices that you can obtain from the pet shop. There are wireless devices that have two parts, a transmitter which can be placed in places where you want the dog to stay away from and a dog collar which is placed on the dog.

When the dog gets close to the transmitter, a warning beep is let off to let the dog know that he is outside of his boundaries. If the dog continues to move toward the transmitter, a signal is sent that causes the collar to emit static shock or spray citronella on the dog.

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This serves as a way to deter the dog from crossing his boundaries again. The memory of such unpleasant incidents will serve as a lesson to the dog to keep away from certain areas. Such devices are a form of negative reinforcement where bad behaviour is met with unpleasant consequences thus the do will learn not to repeat the same again.

To keep your furniture, mats and carpets safe, you can use sprays that are bitter tasting which will give the dog an unpleasant taste in the mouth when it tries to chew on furniture or mats.

You can also keep the dog out of restricted areas though proper obedience training. In this, the dog learns how to comply with commands, and you can make use of such commands to ensure your dog stays where you want him to and keeps away from some places.

Ensure that your dog’s movements are supervised, if you see him going where he is not supposed to go, just stop the dog by calling out his name and command him to “come.” Be assertive when giving commands if you want your dog to comply with them. Even the slightest bit of hesitation on your side will be viewed as the dog as a sign that there’s room to not comply.

You can also employ the use of wireless dog fences; these are also a form of containment system without using the traditional crate. Here, the dog can move freely and is not caged but the movements are restricted to certain boundaries. Any attempt by the dog to move outside the set boundaries will result in a signal that causes the do to receive an electrical impulse.

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