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Dog Trick - Walking With a Limb

Teaching your dog trick can be one of the best accomplishments you can have as a pet owner that will make you feel proud.

There are innumerable dog tricks that can be taught to dogs that would require patience for the dog to understand how to do these acts and do them perfectly.

You may not be close to any success after a few days of teaching your dog but with persistence, your dog will certainly be able to learn new dog tricks. One of the greatest tricks you can teach your dog is how to limp or walk with a limp.

This trick is commonly taught to many dogs but may take a considerable amount of time for your dog to learn it. To motivate your dog during training, get the best treats that will make him follow your instructions.

You can use both food and non food treats and make it fun for your dog during this training. You should begin with the normal training that involves the commands that the dog is used to. Always remember to give him a treat for every right obedience act to your command. This will be the greatest way to introduce your dog to tricks.

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To learn the trick correctly and quickly, you should assist your dog all the way through the whole time of learning how to do this trick. Initially, you should hold your dog’s limb folded upwards and walk the dog for a few steps. At that time, walk for a short distance so that your dog has understands that you are teaching them to walk with a limb.

Repeat the training and let the dog do it on their own as you watch to give them encouragements and treats to boost the morale of your lovely dog. You can also try to illustrate to the dog by raising your limb and walking on one limb with the aim of making the dog mimic your movement.

You should repeat the training on a regular basis and just at the same time to make your dog get used to this routine. You should also get the dog to understand that they be rewarded for following instructions so that they will try to please you and eventually learn the trick.

After your dog gets the trick, you can gradually remove the food treat and replace it with verbal treats. Dogs are known to be attention seekers and they will do anything to get praise from their master.

A dog that understands and perfectly executes such a trick is an intelligent dog that can also understand more sophisticated tricks that involve tricky movements like diving and leaping in the air. In conclusion, teaching your dog a new trick can be a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your pet.

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