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How to Stop Dog Leash Pulling Video

A dog that is constantly pulling on the leash can make a fun walk very tiring and demanding. Leash pulling commonly occurs because the dog has seen something more interesting and prefers it.

Other actions that lead to such behaviours could be that the dog knows that he can get away with leash pulling. Whatever the reason for leash pulling, it should never be encouraged at all.

Tips to stop dog leash pulling

1. Invest in a good collar, some trainers use choke or prong collars to stop dog leash pulling. When the dog tugs on the leash, the collar will apply pressure along the neck, causing the dog to stop since this pressure is very uncomfortable. You can use this type of collar when you go walking with your dog. However, it should never be left on the dog since it may get caught on something and strangulate the dog.

2. Any time the dog pulls on the leash, stop! Never allow the dog to drag you to wherever he wants to go. Stop the minute the dog pulls on the leash and wait till the dog is calm and by your side. You can offer the dog a treat then or verbally praise him. It is vital that the dog understands that if he pulls on the leash, there will be no walking and that he knows this is an undesired behaviour.

3. You can pick up the pace of walking so your dog does not get bored. If you are a jogger, you can take your dog with you, he will probably enjoy the exercise and use his energy to match your pace. If you just want to for a simple walk, you can make it interesting for your dog by carrying a toy or drawing his attention to you by ensuring that the dog makes eye contact and then offering him a treat.

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4. Ensure that you do not let the leash become taut. You can train your dog to walk on a loose leash in this manner and the dog will not pull. In loose leash walking, the leash should always be snake-like, or curved to some extent.

5. You should ensure that the dog knows you are boss. That way, he is less likely to pull the leash when you are walking. Dogs that pull on the leash sometimes do so as a show of their dominance. If you let the dog have his way, then you are only asserting his position.

6. Dog obedience training will help you to tame the dog; if the dog starts pulling on the leash then you can command the dog to “stop.” An obedient dog will comply with this after which you should reward the dog. Wait till the dog is relaxed and you can then resume your walk again.

Leash pulling will progressively become worse if not corrected early. The dog may even end up breaking away which is dangerous for him. If the dog insists on pulling the leash, just start heading back to the house. After a few times of doing this, the dog should understand that leash pulling doesn’t lead him to anywhere. No matter how excited the dog is, never at any time condone leash pulling if you want the behaviour to stop.

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