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Dog Chewing Training Video

Dogs love chewing, thus stopping your dog from doing something that comes as naturally as chewing would be to deny him his right to express normal behaviour.

However, when your dog starts chewing on shoes or clothes or makes your furniture his personal chew toy, you have a big problem where there is a need to find a solution fast.

In order to stop your dog from chewing unwanted objects, you have to understand that this behaviour stems from several reasons, and that by knowing the reason, you can better solve the problem.

Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety will tend to show destructive chewing. This kind of chewing can be managed by either crating the dog, thus keeping him contained in one place or behaviour training to help the dog get over the separation anxiety. Whichever method you use, be sure to never leave the dog unsupervised in the house as this will only make him more anxious and encourage destructive behavior.

Dogs may also chew out of boredom or because they want to try out their ‘fangs’ (teeth) on your new shoes or on the couch. This is usually resolved by ensuring that the dog gets enough exercise as well as giving the dog something acceptable to chew on such as a toy or bone. Bones given to dogs should be strong and shouldn’t splinter easily since this may pose a danger for the dog is swallowed.

Proper dog training is also a good way to stop your dog from chewing. However, dog training is only a feasible option if there is someone around who can command the dog to stop when he starts chewing on furniture. At times, even well trained dogs will get into trouble just because there is no one paying attention to them.

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If the dog chews in order to get your attention, it is advised that you show the dog that he will only get attention if he behaves accordingly. If you only pay attention to the dog when he is in trouble and ignore him other times, the dog will just keep misbehaving.

After all, any attention even if bad, is better than no attention at all. Compliment the dog for correct behaviour and go out of your way to show that you appreciate good behaviour. You could do this by offering the dog treats if he chews on his toys instead of furniture or shoes. Couple treats given with verbal praise.

Some dogs continue to chew even when older, for such kind of dogs

- Ensure that objects the dog is likely to chew on are kept in places where the dog cannot reach

- Put boundaries for your dog and make sure that you enforce them.

- Use bitter spray on furniture, mats and shoes that way even of the dog tries to chew on them, he will not like the taste.

- If the dog is loose, make sure that you can account for his whereabouts at any given time so as to keep him from trouble

- Keep him busy and occupied with different kinds of toys or bones.

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