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Labrador Growling At Kids

Having a Labrador can be one of the most rewarding experiences in pet ownership, but they can have problems that will need to be addressed as soon as it happens. 

Labradors have a kind disposition and are very outgoing. They love children and make great family dogs once they learn the ins and outs of having kids around.

If your find a Labrador growling at kids, owners take note-you will need to step in and take charge. In this online dog training article, we will address this aggression issue in your dog.

There can be several reasons for your dog to be growling and it is important to know why they are acting this way. You will need to know how to handle the problem, and teach, not only your pet, but also the kids that are around him, how to socialize in a family setting. Here are a few steps to help move past this stage of ownership.

Why Does Your Labradors Growl

Discovering the reason for a Labrador growling at kids, owners take note-can be one of the most important steps. If your dog is growling when it is sleeping or eating and the kids are bothering him then it may be that your Labrador wants some privacy. A Labrador is territorial, so if kids are playing in or around his bedding this may cause a growl.

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If you have neighborhood kids that tease him and come into his area, this may cause the dog to growl, out of being threatened. Another reason that Labradors may growl at kids is that they have been previously abused by them. More than likely the dog is going through the stage of wanting to move up in their pack.

Moving Up in the Chain of Command

Labradors are pack animals like most dogs and you and the family can become their pack. They go through a stage in that they want to move ahead in the pack and may feel that your children are in the way of doing so. When you see this happening, you will need to immediately become the Alpha of the pack and show your Labrador that the kids come first.

Showing your dog that you will protect kids from him by being loud, showing your command and making your dog follow a command will show your Labrador that you mean business and he needs to back off. The next thing to do is to remove him from your pack and isolate him for a short period.

Teach Your Kids about Your Labrador

Not having your Labrador growling at kids, owners take note-means your children will also need to have you teach them proper dog manners. Teaching kids to feed their dog is one of the best ways to build a relationship between your dog and your kids.

Feed your children first then have the kids feed the dog sends a message to your pet that children come first. Teach the Labrador that the kids are also the providers that need to be respected.  Kids really need to know how to treat their pet. The main point is to act as soon as you see a problem.

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