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Agility Builds Confidence in Your Dog

Agility is the ability to move quickly. In most references this adjective is used when referring to dogs e.g. Dogs are very agile animals. Dogs have throughout history been described as agile animals that are quick on their feet.

You have probably come across many dogs that are happy to just run around and who feel good when in motion.

Agility training in dogs involves an obstacle course where a dog is graded based on timing and precision.

In agility the dog is not given any incentive and is led through the obstacles by a handler. Agility requires a lot of encouragement and support and thus when your dog is finally ready he will be much more confident and will not shy away from the obstacles.

At the start of agility training most dogs are likely to be wary of the obstacles, however with time and with your continued support the dog is able to approach the course more enthusiastically. The ability to finally go through with all the obstacles will make your dog surer of him and with time the dogs is able to reduce the time it takes him/her to go through the obstacles.

The feeling of completion such a course is not only refreshing to you but also a huge milestone for your dog. The constant praise that your dog will get when he learns something new is a shot self assurance that will push your dog to be better and try out new stuff.

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Dogs have different temperaments. While others are naturally confident and self assured some dogs need some coaxing to come out of their shell and shine. Agility provides an opportunity for a dog and his owner to get more acquainted. This will aid in forming strong bond and the dog is likely to show off since they want their owner to be proud of them.

A dog is only as good as his owner will let him be. Agility trains handlers that attitude of dog towards the course if affected by the outlook of the owner. If you are confident, your dog is more likely to imitate the same. Dogs naturally look to their masters for guidance and will welcome praises and encouragement and reciprocate by trying to be the best.

If your dog is shy and timid, you may start agility training. Even if you do not intend to take part in competition, agility is good since it is a boost of confidence for the dog. Be patient with your dog. Do not expect your dog will learn to jump through hoops in a day. Agility takes time and positive reassurance is needed to take your dog to the next step.

Agility training can be done at home but it is advisable to look for a club that offers such kind of training in order to benefit from services of seasoned instructors. Wherever the training is conducted be sure to start small wit your dog then gradually move up.

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