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Great Food Recipes For Your Pet Dalmatian

Dalmatians eat the same diet as any other dog, unless there are specific health problems to consider in which case it may need a special diet, usually prescribed by the veterinarian.

After researching some articles concerning pet food, making your own dog food is much more common than you may have thought and it may not be a bad idea. It is not nearly as time consuming or difficult as many people tend to think.

Although, it can be a little expensive some believe the benefits are well worth it. All you need is a kitchen range, water, meat, rice, oats, rosemary, peanut butter, canned beans, canola oil and whatever special flavor you would like to add to make up some homemade dog food recipes for your pet dalmatian.

For Starters:

A great recipe is anything that has no harmful ingredients in it, is balanced with regard to fat and protein content, and your dog likes it. With the above ingredients, you really can't go very wrong. You may change the meat from beef to chicken, or even tuna sometimes but basically a recipe of cooked rice, or cooked rolled oats, a little rosemary and some cooked kidney beans from a can, mixed with cooked hamburger will make your dog quite happy.


You may add some vegetables like cooked carrots or green beans to provide needed vitamins. The main ingredient of real meat is no small incentive to chow down.

Some great food recipes for your pet Dalmatian include treats, like dog biscuits or kibbles made with peanut butter and other great flavors. Most recipes are cooked on the stove, but many are baked or even made in the microwave oven.

Some Things You Should Avoid:

It is obvious that alcohol should not be given to dogs. But did you know that a seemingly innocuous piece of yeast dough dropped from the table can not only swell your Dalmatian's stomach but also make his intestines very painful? Moreover, through a chemical reaction inside the body it can become alcohol and cause alcohol poisoning in your dog.

Once the dough is cooked, however, those ingredients that react would be made inactive and your dog is safe. It seems any raw dough can have harmful effects on your Dalmatian's health. There is some debate though, as one source may say that raw eggs are detrimental because of the dangers of salmonella, other sources will dispute that.

Some other ingredients, with which you need to be very careful or completely avoid when becoming a master chef for Spot are salt and sugar. Salt, because sodium can be poisonous to your dog; sugar because it may lead to obesity as well as contribute to canine diabetes. Onions and are said to contribute or even cause anemia, although some have seen it listed in dog food recipes.

The safest bet is to ask your veterinarian whether he or she approves of your particular recipes. Just show your vet a list of all the ingredients in your repertoire. He or she may suggest an addition of some vitamin or other, especially in aging dogs.

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