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Dalmatian Puppy Training - Get Those Basics In

Many years ago, when you were a child of ten, your heart's most precious dream may have been to get a dog. Most likely you found quickly that there were some things you needed to teach your pet to insure they were good companions.

There are many complaints as to what a dog should know to make them a comfortable family pet. There are many things you can teach your friend but there are only a few that they need to know as early as possible.

You’re going to want to insure that your dog is well behaved in the home and in home situations.  In order to do this you’ll want to keep your little bundle from leaving unwanted presents on the rug.

No matter what you’re after, setting the ground rules from the start is the best way. Dogs are very clean by nature so here are a few ideas to keep things going the right way.

Getting Off To The Right Start

These little black and white bundles of puppy joy are very hard to resist. It will be the beginning of a long and loving relationship that will teach you more about life than many of the snippets of advice from a number of well-meaning adults.

You’ll want to bring home a crate that isn’t much bigger than your pal. They should have enough room to stand comfortably, lie down and turn around easily. When they are not being watched they need to be in their crate so that they don’t leave messes for you to discover later.

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Collars Are Important:

As far as Dalmatian puppy training goes you want to make sure to get started with everything early, including getting them used to wearing a collar. It’s best to pick something that is adjustable so it can grow with the dog that you have. If you get started with their wearing a collar then you’ll have a better time with leash training and in fact, that should be started early as well.

Leash Training The Pup:

Not only will you want to work on potty training but you’ll want to consider getting manners on the little guy as soon as possible. Dalmatian puppy training covers more than just having your pet not soil in the house.

Get them used to their collar and put them on the leash as well. In the beginning you just want your new buddy to focus on you and keeping the leash slack. Do this with lots of positive play that keeps him chasing toward you.

What Not To Do:

In addition to using Dalmatian puppy training to show Spot what to not to do. Do not acknowledge your pet in any sort of positive way if he jumps on you. This must be done right from the beginning no matter how little he is. It’s best to keep turning away so he can’t jump on the front of you. Do not allow your little pet to chew on anything that is not his own toy. Certainly make sure to keep plenty of approved toys around for him.

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