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How to Prevent Aggression Behaviours In Dalmatians

What is a bad dog? A bad dog can be just annoying and destructive or it can be dangerous. It all depends on what "bad" means to us. However, there are some things that are simply inherently clear.

When a dog is aggressive, it is displaying bad behaviour. It isn't necessarily a bad dog, it is just behaving badly.

Unacceptable Problems

Aggression to other animals or people is unacceptable. Even though Dalmatians are not the largest dogs in the animal kingdom, their teeth can cause enormous damage to humans or other animals. Therefore, aggression must be addressed immediately if it rears its ugly head.

The original animal, from which the dog evolved, is the wolf. Some survival traits are still part of the genetic make-up of today's house pet. It is inherent in dogs that they want to be in a group or a pack.

It is also part of their DNA that they want to be the leader of such a pack. When a dog becomes aggressive toward other animals, it displays dominance. A pet has no place of dominance as a member of a family.

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What To Do

For many Dalmatian owners, when faced with the problem of how to prevent dog aggression behaviours in Dalmatians, they may believe that prevention of aggression can only be achieved by showering the dog with love, give in to his demands, or adversely, try to instill fear in his pet. Both methods are terribly misguided and harmful. The crux of the matter lies in the dog owner's ineffective leadership.

Owners can learn to modify their own behaviour so that their dog's aggression is channeled into a different direction. For instance, lots of exercise will tire the dog, so that aggression out of boredom is somewhat stifled. This is only a tiny part of the solution.

Here is the real problem: When a dog becomes aggressive toward his owner, he tells the owner that he does not respect him or her. He doesn't sense that the owner is a valid leader. The owner must be replaced by the true leader, him.

A pack leader protects his group from other predators. He finds food and shelter for his group. There is no uncertainty in his actions, no breech in his commands. If a dog senses that his owner is not up to this responsibility, he will take over the role as alpha dog in every manner available to him.

The best way for a Dalmatian owner not to be confronted with the dilemma of loving the pet but unable to control it, is to know how to prevent aggression behaviours in Dalmatians. The owner must be the leader of the pack, to keep the dog in his place from the very start without being cruel.

He or she must make rules and demand that the dog follow them. It will add to the owner's peace and relieve the pet of stress. If it helps to pretend to be an emperor to assert just and fair authority over the dog, so be it. Owner and dog will both be much happier for it.

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