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How to Reduce Dog Smell in Your Car and Home


Let's face it - dogs can smell pretty bad. They roll in the mud, go to the bathroom in the outdoors and get baths once a month or less.
So, your home and your car can very quickly start to smell like your furry friend, rather than the cleaners and sprays you use.

To remove all those unpleaseant dog odors, you'll want to spend some time learning what successfully covers up the smell of a dog and how those new aromas can be used successfully both in your car and in your home.

Cleaning Your Dog 

First up, make sure you're cleaning your dog often enough. Don't start bathing them daily - it's not good for their coats or their health. However, if you only clean your dog once every three or four months, they may need a bath a bit more often.

Especially when it's raining a lot in the spring or fall, you may want to step up their baths to get rid of that unsightly wet dog smell that can develop.
Cutting Out the Other Odors 
Of course, your dog doesn't stop producing any of the bad doggy odors in your home when you give him a bath once a month. The house can still smell less than fresh if you don't take the time to clean up a bit further after those baths. Here are some tips to help out:

  * Remove Lingering Odors - If your dog has a habit of peeing in the house as a puppy or right out front of the door, you can use absorbents to reduce the odors. Think of baking soda in your fridge. They make similar materials for your home if there are especially smelly spots.

  * Freshen Up - You can just cover up the smells as well, using a side array of aerosol sprays, candles, or fresh scents that will permeate your home quickly and cover up the unwanted odor.
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  * Kill Germs - Germs are a big deal when you're talking about dog odors. These germs will feed on the dead skin and hair your pets leave behind and produce odors that are not natural.

To deal with these odors, simply use disinfectants to clean your dog's kennel and sleeping areas as often as possible. The same goes for your car. If you have a wagon or van, it is easier to put your dog in one spot and then clean that spot.
  * Special Bedding - They make special bedding out of materials like cedar wood shavings and chips that will take it far easier to cover up the dog smell that can permeate around where your dog spends the most time.

  * General Grooming - Sure you don't want to bathe your dog every day, but you can comb and brush them more often. Even small things like scrubbing their paws can help with odors as they track in all sorts of outside germs and odors.

Remember, when combatting your dog's unsightly aroma, that dogs are going to smell like dogs. That smell is never going to be quite gone. However, you can reduce the stronger, unwanted smells that tend to follow your pets around.

The key is to maintain a steady grooming and washing schedule, make sure to watch your pet on a regular basis to ensure they don't get into anything particular dirty, and then use the right scents in your home and car to cover up whatever manages to squeeze through.

Do these things, and you'll be well on your way to a fresh smelling home, no matter how messy your dog can be.

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