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Tips for Choosing the Best Vet for Your Dog

It is essential that you get a good vet that will help you in taking care of your pet. A good vet is one that will take care of the health needs of your pet and one that show interest in the well being of your dog.

A good vet will not only be there to treat your dog in case of any ailment but will also advise you on how to keep your dog out of his clinic. So what should you consider when choosing a vet.

1. Location

To save on time as well as to make it convenient for you choose a vet that is near you. This will make it easier to take your dog for routine check-ups and in case of emergency you can rush your dog. Finding a local vet also means that you will get a chance to interact with your vet on several occasions.

2. Reviews

Ask your friends and their acquaintances about the vets you are considering. Finding out what people have to say about their vets will help you in narrowing your list. A good vet will get good comments even from people who normally like to criticize. These commendations shouldn’t be based on discounts or special treats but rather on professionalism, competence and dedication to their work.

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3. Qualifications

A good vet is most of all competent and able to perform. Ask about the veterinarians qualifications, any vet should at the least have a degree in veterinary medicine or a diploma in animal health. This is important to help ease your anxiety, knowing the vet is qualified will make it easier to trust him/her with your dog. A qualified vet will not shy away from questions regarding his/her competence.

4. Cost

While services from one vet clinic to the other are generally the same, the cost charge will differ largely. A vet operating from a rented building in the city centre may charge higher than one who operates from his home.

If your dog suffers from a condition that requires long term medication you might want to discuss this with your prospective vet and find out how much it will cost you.

Some vets may also charge more for professional fees. As much as you want the best for your dog live within your limits. Find a vet whose bills you can be able to comfortably pay.

5. Facilities

This is a broad term that may be used to describe one of several things and may range from equipment to space. If you want your dog to sometimes board when you are away, find a vet that has kennels where you can leave your dog.

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Based on your requirements you may want to be on the look-out for the general state of the facilities. Are they in well kept? Is there enough space for the dogs and other pets that might be around?

Unsightly facilities and bad odours are a sign of neglect and you should stay away from such.

After considering all the above if you still haven’t made a choice then it will come down to personal preference. Spend time with each of the vets, take your dog with you for a test run and see how it goes. A good vet shows interest in her/his patient and will be glad to answer your questions and ease your worries.

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