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How to Reduce Dog Gas

I'm not going to sugar coat it - some dogs fart a lot. And we all know that a dog fart is by far the most noxious, unpleasant smell you'll ever whiff.
But, what exactly can you do about it? It's not as though you can train your dog not to fart.
Luckily, a dog that has gas issues is most likely suffering from dietary imbalances that you can deal with quite easily.
It will just take a little bit of research into what kind of diet your dog will do best with and some sound boundaries in the house about what the dog is not allowed to eat.
What Causes Gas in Dogs
Dogs can get gas for any number of reasons, just like people. Most dogs will have flatulence on occasion, caused by the breakdown of food by bacteria in their stomachs. When they release gasses, they need to go somewhere and it usually means you get to smell it.
However, excess gas can be caused when diet is not properly controlled. For example, a dog might eat his food too fast, swallowing a lot of air that gets trapped in his intestine and stomach and causes problems.
Additionally, there are many foods that might cause your dog to have gas, like excess beans, sprouts, gassy vegetables or cheap meat like hot dogs. And poor quality food in general will also cause gas in most dogs.
If you feed your dog cheap food, he will get gas. If you feed your dog your food, he will get gas. Look for ways to improve his diet with good dog food nutrition tips and you can count on a sharp decrease in gaseous output on his part.

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Getting Rid of Excess Dog Gas
If your dog has a serious gas issue, it's time to reassess his diet and how he gets fed. To start with, upgrade his food to something of a higher quality. Most dogs are eating food that is not good for them, and in your case it might be causing all that gas.
Additionally, cut out all people food. Stop feeding him scraps of cheese or hot dogs or whatever else ends up in his bowl from your plate. Breads and gassy foods are particularly bad culprits. You can also try to improve their digestion by offering them a probiotic.
Some foods come with pro or pre-biotics these days, but you can also get them from local natural pet stores that provide refrigerated options. Finally, feed him less food more often. If you only feed him once or twice a day, try spreading it out to three or four meals to reduce the times when he will wolf down his food at high speed.
Another fantastic trick that too many dog owners are loathe to do is to cut out the high fat, high reward treats that they give their dogs. Treats should be severely monitored or even removed from your dog's diet if they cause bad gas. They are generally unhealthy anyways.
Once you've determined why the dog is getting so much gas, it's pretty simple to stop them from expressing that gas in your living room every evening while you're trying to watch Law & Order. More than anything else, it will be your job to cut the gas causing foods.
And if all else fails, it may be time to go see your vet. Some medical issues like worms or parasites in dogs can cause excess flatulence and should be treated immediately by a vet.
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