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Rules For Walking Your Dog | Dog Walking Tips

Dog walking is an integral part of pet ownership that every pet owner must understand and carry out correctly.

The majority of local authorities around the world have specific guidelines in place for pet owners who bring their pets to public places. Pet owners must obey these rules or they could face hefty penalty charges.

Understanding dog walking rules empowers you to be a responsible citizen and a responsible pet owner as well. There is a general perception that a badly behaved dog is a result of poor training by the owner and they are therefore responsible for the bad deeds of their dogs.

When you are walking your dog, there are important rules that should be followed to ensure your dog does not interfere with other passer-bys and you do not get upset by your dog. These are important disciplinary steps that the dogs should be subjected for them to develop good walking habits.

The following are the golden rules of walking your dog whenever you may be:

• The dog must always be on the leash when you are walking them. For you to exercise maximum control of your dog, they must be harnessed in a leash and they should walk close to your feet for you to be in maximum control.

• During walking, your dog is not allowed to attack, bark or growl at any other dogs that they come across or at other people. This is a very serious offence that may be punishable by the law in a number of local authorities. When you are walking your dog, ensure they are well trained and they are not going to attack other people.

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• The dog should not pull away from the leash or be distracted by other objects such as moving vehicles or bicycles. Some dogs may be tempted to bark or run after a bicycle and these are unacceptable behaviors that must be corrected.

• When you release the leash, the dog should not be excited or run away but should stay calm and relaxed around your feet or within proximal distance without causing any problems to people and other animals in the vicinity.

• If you own a miniature breed, they may be tempted to cause fights with larger dogs which is potentially dangerous for them as they may suffer serious dog bites that are life threatening.

• Never allow dogs to accept food from strangers or to head towards other people’s carpets in a picnic scenario.

• The dog should obey your commands and view you as a pack leader without compromise. They should detest from chewing the leash or try to free themselves from your control.

• You should teach your dog to tolerate drunken people and children who could irritate them. You may also select the best place to walk your dog that is away from lots of distractions.

These are some of the important things that you should put into consideration before you even think of walking your dog. Take time to train your dog and adopt him to outdoor environment before you house break him. This may be a very crucial step in ensuring your dog understands your expectations during the walk.

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