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Tips To Finding The Best Dog Insurance

With veterinary costs rising due to animal advancements in medicine, more and more people are insuring their pets to avoid the high medical costs.

Although dog insurance has been around for over twenty years the increase in veterinary costs have spiraled upwards in the last few years due to the developments in technology.

In the past when an animal became ill or was in an accident, the pet was put to sleep, but now veterinarians and pet owners alike are looking for alternatives. 

With this new mindset the vets are able to perform more elaborate tests, such as MRIs, and advanced surgeries such as kidney transplants, in order to save a dog’s life. Here are some tips to finding the best dog insurance.

What Does Dog Insurance Cover

It is important to know what the coverage is when purchasing animal insurance. There are many factors in a dog’s health that are not covered. Most dog insurances will cover medical costs in case of illness and accidents.

Some of the insurance companies will also cover hip dysplasia and other hereditary diseases, but not all. Other providers will put a limitation on the age of an animal when insuring the dog. For instance, usually dogs over nine years old will not be covered or will have high premium rates to cover the higher costs associated to older dogs.

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Other Insurance Dog Coverage And The Benefits Of It

Insurance will sometimes have added benefits in their coverage policies such as rewards for lost dogs, boarding if you are unable to care for your pet, and damages to other people’s property. There are usually limitations to the payouts on this extra coverage, but the benefit can especially be welcomed given different situations.

Deductibles on Do Insurance

One of the key ways to save some money when purchasing dog insurance is to check into the different deductibles that are offered. Usually higher deductibles have lower rates. One way to determine your deductible is to establish how much you can afford to pay out in comparison to the rate you will pay over a year’s period.

For example, if you had a policy that was at $100 deductible and your monthly payment is seventy five dollars a month for a year and there was one incident, your cost would be one thousand dollars. If you deductible were $500 per year and your monthly payment was thirty-five dollars your cost would be nine hundred dollars with about a $100 dollars savings.

Finding the Best Insurance

There are some key tips to finding the best dog insurance when searching for a provider. Ask questions such as what is the renewal policy and how do they handle existing conditions. Another good question is how quick does the provider respond when there is an emergency?

It is important the company is responsible and can handle your needs quickly and efficiently. There are ways to check out a provider such as the Better Business Bureau, or on the internet through written reviews of the insurance company.

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