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Best Dogs for Families with Kids

There are many different dog breeds available for any person looking to own a dog. If you have a family, you want a dog that you can trust around your kids, dog that is not rough or hostile and most important of all, a dog that has a sound temperament.

It is important to note that even in these “family” dogs, training and their socialisation when young will determine how the dog turns out. Dogs that have been found to be good with families include the following

1. Pugs

They may have a sad face but these dogs are very charming and outgoing. They know how to play with children without getting too rough and are not hot tempered.

They respond well to attention and are very appreciative of praise. Their small size makes them ideal for children since it lessens the risk of them knocking down small children.

2. Golden retrievers

Though these dogs are meant to be working dogs, they are good in a family setting. However, they require a lot of exercise to keep them fit and have high energy levels that need to be kept in check if this breed is to calm and relaxed.

3. Labrador retrievers

They are good looking, fairly easy to maintain since they have short hair and are very gentle. These dogs may be big in size but they are also big in heart. Like golden retrievers, these dogs were bred as working dogs thus they need a lot of exercise to keep the energy levels in check. Without exercise, these dogs are likely to become excited and hyperactive.


Labrador retrievers are an obvious choice for many because of their adaptability and fine temperament.  

4. Poodle

To be specific, we are referring to the standard poodle and not any other kind. Poodles are very elegant dogs that are perfect for families with children. Their patience is a desirable character and they also do well in sports. Standard poodles are good swimmers and make for great indoors pets since they are quick and easy to train. These dogs are also very intelligent.

Many people assume that toy breeds are good for children because of their small size...this is not true for most of them. Smaller dogs generally crave attention and they do not like to share, are very territorial.

When purchasing a dog, there are other things you need to consider aside from the breed. Go for purebreds since they are predictable thus are not likely to spring up some unexpected things at you. This is not to say that mixed breeds are bad, if you find a dog that is well behaved around your family and children, then feel free to make your choice.

Even within the same breed, dogs will vary in character. Each dog is an individual that should be regarded as such and for this avoid making generalisations.

Children at times may play rough with the dog or startle the dogs which may cause even the gentlest of dogs to become aggressive. Children should be taught how to behave around dogs to prevent such incidents from occurring. For more information, you might want to check out this article on safety tips for children with dogs...

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