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How to Make Your Dog Famous

There are many ways your dog can become famous. He can be featured in a TV commercial or appear in a box office movie.

Better yet, your dog may do something really incredible and be sought out by newscasters, at times your dog may be accidentally caught on tape and just like that he becomes a media sensation.

Dogs that star in movies or commercials will bring in substantial amounts of money for you and will also make you famous since people will want to know the owner of a famous dog.

Before you make your dog famous, you need to carefully consider the time and commitment required. Some questions you ought to ask yourself are

- Does your dog have the mental and physical strength to handle all the attention fame brings?

- Does your dog have star quality?

Some breeds are deemed to have better star quality and are preferred by producers. Any breed can have that ‘star quality’ about them if handled well. Some breeds may need more time and motivation than others but with patience, nothing is impossible.

Some basic dog training is essential to ensure that the dog is able to follow some basic commands, is at ease in front of strangers and doesn’t mind attention. Well behaved dogs attract attention wherever they go because of their impeccable manners.

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You can also help your dog by making a page for them. Here you can post pictures of the dog, you can dedicate a blog to them and post videos of stuff they have done. Share this page with your friends and ask them to in turn share the page with their friends. This will help to spread the word and in the process may catch the eye of an interested party.

You can teach your dog different tricks that will make him stand out. The tricks need not be complicated but they have to be unique and interesting. You can practice the tricks over and over again at home. When your dog finally learns to perform the trick, you can take a video and mail it to one of the many dog shows or post it on the site that you dedicated to him. Just don’t lose your temper or become impatient with your dog during training.

Enrolling your dog in competitions and dog shows is also another way to make him famous. To achieve fame, your dog will need to catch the eye of the judges by performing so well that he wins the event. Such shows will often receive some attention from social media and even the local media to perform coverage.

You can also post these recordings on social websites such as My space or You Tube. Videos that are liked by many people tend to spread fast and will garner more eyeballs on your stardom marketing of your pet.

Do not go overboard trying to get your dog cast in some role; your dog may surprise you in a negative manner when you force him to do something. Dogs under too much pressure also have a breaking point and when that point is reached you never know what will happen.

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