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Dog Whisperer Controversy: What You Should Know About This Hot Subject

Ever since television brought us the shows about training dogs to adopt good behavior, there are those disputing its validity.

There are people who study dogs their entire lifetime. They learn as much about animal behavior as others reading scientific abstracts of animal behavior.

Whenever someone has an idea and makes money from it, there will be someone to dispute the validity of the originator's platform.

The Dog Whisperer controversy is such a case. Dog owners are sometimes at their wits end and it literally reaches a point where the dog either has to leave or be euthanized. Being in a constant state of frustration because now the dog runs the house instead of the adults can cause marriages to crumble. No one is happy in such circumstances.

Those television personalities who claim they can correct the problem make no bones about it – they openly tell the pet owners that it is they who need to be educated. Those families who are terrorized by their Chihuahua certainly do need to learn how to be in control.

Yes, by feeding dogs on his schedule, the owner does take the lead and lets his dog know who is in control. That is, however, only one method of being the alpha dog in the pack.

What’s The Scoop:

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The mere phrase "being the alpha dog" has also been disputed by the supporters of the Dog Whisperer controversy. According to them, there is no such thing because in the wolf pack, every wolf will be an alpha wolf at some time in his life, citing family interaction of the wolf pack as example.

Generally speaking a person can spend a great deal of time learning about wolf packs and canine interaction. The truth is there are some people who fundamentally understand not all animals speak the same language and in order to form a great bond with your dog you’re better to assume the natural role of leader. When it comes to the wolf pack there is a very distinct and studied hierarchy of order.

Many agree strongly with the Dog Whisperer controversy in the sense that it may mislead the viewers to believe that after a half hour or hour dog training, the dog's behavior has suddenly turned a hundred eighty degrees.

From many experienced professionals it seems to take a great deal of time working with an animal to get the responses you’re after. Then you’ll often start working with the dog to get him to do what he’s commanded to do.

This can be forgotten if not reinforced daily for quite some time. There is just no way of getting around spending the effort and time with your pet if you want it to be an enjoyable member of your family.

After domestic animals run free for some time, they will become feral. There are some arguments that claim dogs do not. They say that they will not run in packs, they will not become wild. Again, experience has shown others that when dogs run away and have to search for their own food, they often run in packs. Whether they become feral or not, may actually depend on the individual dog.

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