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Choosing The Right Dog Breed

Buying a new pet for your family can be the most exciting thing for most families. There is going to be so much expectations of the new member of the family.

While most new pets adapt easily into the household and make great pets, a few new pets stray away or do not fit in the family completely.

What determines whether a new dog becomes a good pet is the right selection of the dog breed.

There are innumerable dog breeds that are offered as great pets but very few of them qualify as good pets for the entire family. You should therefore be very cautious when you are selecting the dog breed that will be your companions for years to come. 

It will be an exciting and rewarding experience for your kids to have a new pet. When you are buying a pet dog, you should be careful not to buy a dog breed that does not bode well with kids if you have kids in your family. Important consideration to take note may also be the lifestyle you lead and the temperament of the dog. Impulseive buying of your dog may be the last thing you should ever consider no matter how good the dog is or how good the offer is.

Basically, the major classification of the dog breeds fall into two broad categories. The large breeds and the small breeds both have different characteristics and choice of either depends on personal preference and tastes. Though every dog owner has their selective qualities they prefer in pets, it is more important to consider the following qualities.

Temperament and behavior

This is a very critical consideration since it determines the trainability of the dog and the development of social skills and interactivity. A well behaved dog should be one that is able to follow instructions without too many difficulties. A dog that stays home with children should be a non vicious breed while a guard dog may be one that is fierce. These are the little differences that are important when you are making the selection of the dog breed.

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German Sheppard dogs are thought to be very intelligent dogs and they require little training as oppose to other dog breeds. If you intend to have a dog that will be required to perform more refined tasks or intelligent dog tricks, you might want to consider such a dog.

Size and Physique of the Dog

The majority of dogs female owners like the thought of owning small dogs that they can carry around. Often, the large dog breeds are preferred by men. The size of the dog is a determining factor when it comes to selection of a dog since the dog may also require other accessories that are of the same size for them to be comfortable.

Dog Breed Health History

Before you choose a pet, you may want to look at the breed health history and whether the breed has predisposition to certain diseases that may be too costly to treat or may shorten the lifespan of your lovely pet. A good example is the predisposition of miniature breeds in the collapse of the trachea; a condition that is often reported in the miniature breeds.

The best way to get the dog breed you are looking for is to write down all the qualities that you consider being important to you and your familya. You should then use this list to select and eliminate any dog breeds that does not suit your preference.

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