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Can I Give My Dog The Flu?

Much research is needed to determine the relationship between Avian Flu and dogs. Although considered extremely rare for a dog to get bird flu, cases have been documented in the past.

In 2005 a report by the national institute of animal health in Bangkok determined that cats and dogs both had antibodies to the disease. The antibodies indicate that at one point they were exposed and indeed infected by avian flu in Thailand.

That has created a bigger concern that there has been a mutated strand that can affect household pets. Other non-birds that have been affected by Avian Flu are tigers, leopards and stone martens.

Of course those reports have raised concerns among dog owners everywhere. The fact that there is not much yet known about the disease on dogs along with the lack of treatments can make it a nightmare scenario.

There are dogs that come in contact with birds all the time and the birds are the ones that would carry the virus. Hounds for example are used by hunters to sniff out birds and retrievers do justice to their name by getting the fallen bird. It is easy to see how a dog can be affected by avian flu.

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According to the CDC, Avian flu and dogs do not go hand in hand. The strand H5N1 has not made its way to North America as of yet but they also say that the strand may be able to infect dogs. There have been cases of stray dogs dying of avian flu, but according to the World Health Organization (WHO) the cases have been isolated, and have not been cause to raise the alarm.

The World health organization also urges for more studies of bird flu and its effects on animals. Because the avian strand of the flu has not reached the US as of yet it has been a little more complicated to create studies of the disease.

The case where Bird flu has affected humans is when the person has come in contact with the infected bird. When a person eats the infected poultry, then the person has come down with bird flu.

The disease has not yet reached the levels to be called a pandemic but the fears are still there. There have not been any cases of dogs infecting humans and that is a sigh of relief to many owners. Still, you will want to protect of your dog against any strand.

In order to protect your dog from the bird flu you must pay attention to if and when the strain makes its way close to you. If it does, then you may want to keep your four legged hunting partner away from the birds.

You must also always pay attention to the symptoms that your dog may exhibit such as problems breathing or nasal discharge. If you suspect your dog may have been infected, you must take it to a veterinarian as soon as possible. Also keep your dog’s sleeping area clean. Pay attention to new information from the CDC on dogs and avian flu.

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