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Ways to Make Your Dog Love You

Dogs are the most popular pets today. They are forever loyal and are also very affectionate. With a dog by your side you will never feel lonely.

You can make your dog love you even more with some extra care and attention. Some ways to make your dog love you include; being positive when training, providing adequate attention, and feeding a healthy but tasteful diet.

When you begin training your dog to behave and obey to commands, it is beneficial that you are positive.

Encourage your dog with treats, playing, and verbal appraisal. Always stay positive so that your dog does not become frightened or angry at you. If you display aggressive or other negative behavior against your dog, it can affect your future relationship with him. Staying positive and patient (like you would with a child) will help you create a strong bond with your dog.

A very important part to being a dog owner is providing your pet with enough attention. Dogs love attention from their owner by nature. Their loyalty is proof of their immense love for their owner. If a dog is deprived of attention, they can become depressed.

Often times, owners avoid their dog when they are tired or when they come home from work. It is understandable that one might be too tired for a walk in the park or a game of tug a war, but there are different ways you can give your dog attention.

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Playing a 10 minute game of fetch is sufficient for your dog to feel loved. All you need to do is throw the object and wait for your dog to return with it and repeat the process all over again. It is a small sacrifice that your dog will be really grateful for.

Last but definitely not least is feeding a healthy and tasteful diet to your dog. Food is important to include in the ways to make your dog love you. First, your dog's diet should be healthy and of high quality. Giving your dog quality food will show him how much you care. You may think that your dog will not notice, but their exceptional scent and taste senses were made for a reason.

Giving your dog treats every once in a while can also make them very happy. Healthy and enjoyable dog treats include; cottage cheese, peanut butter, fruits, and vegetables. Not all dogs like the same foods, so you’ll have to find out what your dog enjoys.

After all, the love your dog has provided you with, it is time for you to give something in return. Surprise your dog with an extra special meal or treat. You can find all sorts of recipes online to make homemade dog cakes and dog snacks.

Arranging a special trip to a new park or planning a play date will also make your dog love you. It does not have to be an everyday thing, but be sure to give your dog the necessary affection to keep him close to your heart.

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