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Exploit Your Dog's Personality Wisely

Different dog breeds have different traits that can be defined by the breed. Personality on the other hand comes from the environment that the dog lives in.

So in exploiting your dog’s personality wisely you will need to remember, you will get what you create. Having a healthy happy pet starts with you and the training and attention that you give your dog.

If you ignore your dog or mistreat your pet, the personality will reflect one of loneliness or fearfulness. If you enjoy your animal and allow him to be curious and fun loving that is exactly what you will have, a great companion that is lively and fun.

Most people believe that their dog’s personality comes from some instinct within them, and it is true that every breed has certain inbred traits, but have you ever noticed that a loyal pet will act just like its owner?

We have more control over our pets than what we realize. Most dogs’ bad behavior comes from our mishandling a message that was given. So how can you exploit your dog’s personality wisely? By paying attention to what you are doing and how the dog is responding to you.

Positive Reinforcement Training And How It Benefits Your Pet

Training your dog is the first real bonding experience that you and your pet will have. If it is a positive experience, than you will have a well-adjusted obedient friend for life. Positive reinforcement training is a system where you reward good behavior and acknowledge bad behavior by a simple word command and a little isolation.

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All dogs want to please their owner that is their trait, depending on the reward dogs will do just about anything for your approval, including performing tricks. Negative reinforcement training produces sometimes an aggressive dog or a dog that will shy away from any distraction. Personality of your dog will be demonstrated in what you have done with your training.

Re-training: Adjusting A Dog With The Negative Personality

If you want to change the personality of your dog because he has a negative attitude it will take a lot of patience and consistency but in the end exploiting your dog’s personality wisely will pay off. The first thing that needs to be done is identifying what is negative in his personality.

Let’s say that every time someone comes to the door your dog barks excessively. His instinct is to bark when something is there that he doesn’t know, but once you say it’s okay the dog should turn around and walk away. Stopping this negative behavior would be to acknowledge his warning by telling him he was good for letting you know, than commanding him to go lay down before opening the door.

It takes time to get to know your dog and his behavior but by exploiting your dog’s personality wisely, both you and your dog will build a trust in each other that will show in his behavior. It is important to remember that changing negative behavior takes a lot of patience and love.

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