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How to Pick a Perfect Dog Breeder

 how to pick the perfect dog breeder

* 33 page ebook 

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"This has been a life saver for when I started looking for a family dog and doing research. I have been able to identify and choose my puppy more effectively because of this ebook."

- Joe Sinclair, Oklahama, USA

Product Description

Although Dog Breeding is to a certain extent regulated in most countries (via Dog Breeding Associations etc), it is unfortunately very difficult to enforce the regulations as there are many dog breeders who don't belong or are affiliated to the Dog Breeding organizations.

This guide helps you avoid all the traps that lie in your way as you go about looking for a through-bred puppy from a properly accredited dog breeder.

"How To Pick The Perfect Dog Breeder" has all the information to help you avoid buying a puppy from an unprofessional dog breeder.

The book covers the following:

    * Getting ready for the arrival of your new dog
    * Getting the right dog breed
    * Checking whether your living environment and style will suit your new dog
    * Top ten qualities of a good dog breeder
    * Dog Breeders' motivations
    * Things to take note of during a visit to a Dog Breeder
    * Dog Breeder recommendations
    * How to use the Internet to locate dog breeders
    * Traveling to locate a dog breeder
    * A checklist for locating the right breeder
    * Must-Ask questions when you meet the dog breeder
    * What the answers mean
    * Questions a good dog breeder should ask you
    * Registrations, Qualifications And What They Mean To You.
    * Plus Tips & Tricks, A list of Dog Breeder Resources, and a checklist to follow.

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