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Easy Dog Tricks

easy dog tricks

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"This book is an amazing read for anyone who wants to teach your dog new tricks. Having applied the techniques to my shih tzu, my friends were blown away & begged me to teach them the same secrets!"

- Indy Johnson, Perth, Australia

Product Description

This book covers everything you'll need to know about teaching your dog some tricks to impress your friends. Here's a breakdown of what is inside this book.

Chapter 1 – Introduction.

Chapter 2 – Some basic tips. As with any kind of training, there are some basic precautions to consider and tips to take under advisement. We’ll go through some in this chap-ter.

Chapter 3 – Some basic tricks to teach your dog. This will be the meat and potatoes of this guide. Most dog owners are most interested in teaching their dog some basic, garden va-riety tricks. That’s what we’ll cover in this chapter, offering ideas for how to train your dog in a number of basic, simple tricks.

Chapter 4 – Some advanced tricks. Maybe you want a little more steam in your dog’s tricks, or you have a need to show off your dog’s skills by teaching him much more in the trick category. We can offer that too. Check out this chapter for some tips for teaching your dog more advanced tricks than in Chapter 3.

Chapter 5 – Troubleshooting and resources. No, your dog’s not a computer, and he doesn’t run like one, that’s for sure. But like a computer, he sometimes has a slow down, or a stubborn moment or two. That’s what this chapter is all about. We’ll look at some common problems you might have while training your dog as well as some solutions to those problems. In that vein, we’ll also offer some resources for finding more tips and ideas for teaching your dog tricks.

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