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Guide to Pet Health Insurance

 pet health insurance

* 33 page ebook

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"Thanks for this informative guide on helping me on choosing my dog's insurance program. Saved me tons of time and frustration from doing my own research. 2 thumbs up!"

- Michael Cleny, Anchorage, AK

Product Description

The last trip I took to the vet left me with a $240 bill I was sick and tired of paying! In fact, before I even had health insurance for myself, I had spent an alarming $200 to $500 EVERY MONTH on my perfectly healthy dog’s vet visits.

Enough is enough I said, and with it came a copiously researched document that gives the reader HUGE value in money saving details. Everyone that reads this e-book will be gifted the information that can save them thousands of dollars a year by using the pet health insurance companies located in this guide.

This no nonsense guide provides review of each repuatable pet health insurance company on the market. The guide gives actual costs for premimums and other hidden fee details. This is a MUST own for anyone with a pet that is sick and tired of large bills just to keep their pet healthy! 

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