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Dog Grooming Made Easy

* 63 page ebook 

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"This comprehensive Dog Grooming ebook would save me tons of cash and trips to the dog groomers. After a couple of hours of reading this book, I was already able to perform simple grooming on my pet!"

- Susan Brown, New Jersey

Product Description

If you can get yourself up and dressed every morning then you already have all the skills it takes to groom your dog. You just need to know the steps...

And that's what Dog Grooming Made Easy: How to groom your dog at home does. It takes you through the process of grooming any dog, any sex, any breed, step-by-step. It's all so easy once you know what to do.

The #1 reason that people don't groom their own dog is FEAR

    * They're afraid that they'll do something wrong and hurt their dog.

    * They're afraid that they'll give their dog a "bad haircut" and make it look funny.

    * They're simply afraid that they don't have the skills to get the job done.

Grooming your own dog isn't about skill -- it's about knowledge; and this book gives you all the knowledge you need!

Dog grooming isn't a complicated subject. In fact, most teenage girls spend more time getting their hair, makeup and nails ready for a date then it takes to make your dog look good.

Once you know the secrets of professional dog groomers you have all the knowledge you need. All you have to do then is get the right tools (the book tells you what you need) and go grab your dog. It really is as easy as that!

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Dog Grooming Made Easy


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