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First Aid Guide For Your Dog

first aid guide for dogs

* 34 page ebook 

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"Excellent and informative guide. Thank you for making a huge topic on first aid for dogs so easily digestable for understanding. I now know the crucial steps required for first aid should the situation calls for it. Thanks!"

- Gary MacDonald, Georgia, USA

Product Description

Twice as many dogs die from accidents or illness than from old age. If your dog was bitten by a snake or a poisonous insect, or if he ate something bad, got hit by a car, or passed out from dehydration or heat stroke -- would you know what to do? Would you be in a position to take those critical first aid steps in the first 5 minutes? Or would you stand by helplessly and watch your dog die?

Don't let your dog become a victim. Learn the basic elements of Canine First Aid in about as much time as it will take you to read the Sports Section in tomorrow's newspaper...

If you already own a dog, or you are thinking about getting a dog, this book should be the next thing you buy!

First Aid Guide For Your Dog is a quick and easy read. This book covers essential first aid knowledge for your dog.

It's just 36 pages of hard-hitting, just-the-facts information about how to provide immediate first aid when your dog becomes ill or injured. Reading this book just might end up saving your dog's life.

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