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Homemade Frozen Dog Treats

The best thing about frozen dog treats is that they are easy to make. Even if you are the worst cook in your world, your dog will never know because no sophisticated cooking skills are required.

You just take some of the food your dog loves put it in the freezer, remove and serve it for your dog. These treats are good for those hot summer days when temperatures are high and your dog needs to cool off.

You can make frozen dog treats from a variety of ingredients:


Use regular yogurt or low fat yogurt. Just pour it into ice cube trays or egg trays and put it in the freezer. To serve, just remove a few cubes and give your dog to lick.

You can use flavoured yoghourt or add your own flavours by adding fruits such as strawberries, bananas and blueberries. Do not add raisins or grapes since they are harmful to dogs. Check out this article for a comprehensive list of foods that you should not feed your dog. You can also add vanilla essence for a more flavourful taste.

You can also mix up the yogurt with other ingredients to make other wonderful dog treats. The common frozen paws recipe is one of most popular ones where honey, peanut butter and mashed ripe bananas are added to the yoghourt. This mixture is then blended till it is of a fine consistency and frozen in paper cups or ice cube trays.

Meat broth

Prepare some chicken or beef broth by placing chicken or beef in a pot filled with water, you can add flavour to this by adding some veggies. Bring this to boil then leave to cool. Pour this broth into paper cups or the ice cubes trays and put in the freezer.

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Peanut butter

This may be used as a base ingredient in many recipes but can also be used alone to make a good frozen treat.

To use it alone then just add some water to the peanut butter or some skimmed milk and mix to make it to a fine consistency. You can then freeze this mixture.

Fruits and veggies

These should be blended and some water added to the mixture, you can also use commercial fruit juices which you can add to the mixture. Freeze them and give the dog to lick.


Plain ice cubes will do just fine for some dogs who just want something to cool their throats. Puppies that are teething will also appreciate the relief chewing on ice cubes give them. You can also put the ice cubes in the dog’s water bowl on hot days to ensure that even if temperatures are high his water is still cool.

When making these treats remember that some ingredients are toxic to dogs and should never be included in the treat. Make something your dog will love and appreciate, don’t just mix up all manner of ingredients and expect your dog will be jumping up with joy. With some simple effort, you can easily whip up some of these great treats for dogs.

You can also freeze the dog’s food especially the canned variety, just scoop some of it and place it in a cup cake paper and let the freezer do the rest. This is then served normally to the dog.

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